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  1. manaranjo

    Spanish teacher

    From 12 of January I will be available as Spanish teacher also speak perfect English and mandarin hsk3 native, from Madrid for private schools or personal classes contact me by private message
  2. Better in nanxingqiao subway station zone for Hsk3 and above level
  3. manaranjo

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    Thanks, I found it! but a bit far from my house di you know if the practice on weekends?
  4. manaranjo

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    Sorry but I don’t find that street and that park name Chinese name?
  5. manaranjo

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    Good morning, Any place to practice real Chinese martial arts in riverside of Hangzhou? close to nanxingqiao subway? thanks
  6. manaranjo

    Mountain bike at hangzhou

    Good morning, I recently moved to Hangzhou, I am appassionate of mtb in my country, and would like to practice it in the beautiful mountains of hangzhou but I don’t find a place to rent a decent mountain bike, or people who practice it in group Any ideas? thanks