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  1. Iphone SE out of stock!
  2. Please contact me for more details. Also have 6 Plus, 6S Plus, Iphone SE in stock.
  3. depp62

    Where do you get organic veggies?

    Hi. Welcome to Hangzhou. Lots of big supermarkets sell organic vegetables. City life, Century Mart, Vanguard......They are packed in boxes already with a big Organic written on the box. You cannot miss it. Just walk over to the vegetable section
  4. Hi. Welcome to Hangzhou If you want shopping and convenience I would recommend the area around West lake cultural square, Wulin square or near Fengqi lu metro station. But you should visit around. It all depends on you....on your needs. First find an area you like. Cheers!
  5. Iphone 6 64GB 1995 yuan Iphone 6s 32GB 2445 yuan Iphone 7 32GB 3100 yuan Iphone 7 Plus 32GB 3900 yuan P.S.: I do the transaction, that is the selling, face to face mostly. That is you see the phone first and then pay!!! Imported ones from Europe and America. Not Chinese ones or refurbished ones which will die within months of usage No Lock. Fully unlock and 4G ready. Also it will work anywhere, even in your country, as I only sell international versions. In Iphone box with all accessories!!!! 100% guaranteed original genuine Iphones. You can check it on Apple website. More colors and storage options available too. Kindly send a private message to add my Wechat for more details or just reply to this thread. (Wechat ID: rollinggun) Thank you
  6. depp62

    Looking for used iPhones

    Hi. What's your wechat? Send it through pm Thank you