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  1. Patrick Chard McCarthy

    Banking issues

    I have had excellent service with Bank of China in Bin Jiang. You need your passport with residents visa, work contract, tax letter, and I have a letter from my company stating salary. Keep in mind that all docs are stammped. Plus the exact wiring instructions. It takes some time but I have found that the bank is very eager to help. If you have a Chinese co-worker or friend - get their help or it could be a loooong process. Don't take my list of things as exact, I'm not sure if different people will need different things. Check with your bank to be sure.
  2. Patrick Chard McCarthy

    Good bread in Hangzhou

    Lianhua supermarkets usually have a "multigrain" bread mixed in with all the sweet bread. It is the one thats somewhat brown and looks like wheat bread - maybe it is wheat. Fresh Talking in Bin Jiang has some artisan breads that are pretty good but not many options. I've never seen rye. Plus Carrefour, as someone else mentioned, has some decent choices like crispy long loaf "Italian/french" breads.
  3. Patrick Chard McCarthy

    Any American Notary Publics in Hangzhou?

    Good Morning, I'm looking to have some paperwork from the USA notorized by an American Notary Public. I'm aware that the US consulate in Shanghai does this, however I'm trying to avoid a trip if possible. Does anyone know of any in Hangzhou? Thanks for your time, Patrick ***Update*** I've been advised that the US embassy and consulates are the only place that can issue a legal notary of documents to be used back in the states. There is an online company called notorize that offers an online service but it's not accepted in all states. Unfortunately GA doesn't accept online notary. Good luck.
  4. Patrick Chard McCarthy

    Family of 5 on our way to HZ

    Hi everyone. On our way to HZ in October. Looking forward to this unique experience. One of the more active forums I've seen. Will be looking to connect with families and any interested positive individuals (-: ZVisa has been fun plus the usual planning. Add a message if you'd like to say hi!
  5. Patrick Chard McCarthy

    Setting eye on Hangzhou - family of five

    We are in almost the same boat. I'm looking to be in HZ in about 1-2 months. 3 kids aged 9-9 and 12. Apartments and schools are my problem areas besides no Chinese language skills (-: I'll post anything I find and I'd appreciate anything regardless of how random.
  6. Patrick Chard McCarthy

    Moving to HZ with kids

    Hello everyone. We're moving to HZ with kids 9 and 12. Looking to connect with other families to discuss getting setup in HZ. I'd be very appreciative to hear any stories about must bring items, things better to buy in China, internet access, international TV, parks and activities. ...Looking forward to connecting!