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  1. Hi I am working here in Hangzhou, I am trying to find a position for my wife. She has experience as a teacher working several years teaching graphic design. Also has experience in business management, so does not need a teaching job necessarily.
  2. Travel to Suzhou

    What is the quickest and most cost effective transport from Hangzhou to Suzhou
  3. Schools for expats

    I am new here and want my family to join me asap. We need a High School for our 15 year old daughter, in Hangzhou. She is bright and gifted and capable. Is there any School that is not too expensive she can go to?
  4. New members - the way of forums

    Hallo, I'm Andrew from South Africa - I am an Art teacher and have started working as a teacher in Hangzhou, hope this is the right entry for a 'newbie'.