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  1. pluto_china

    Hi new here

    Haha thanks very much! Great - a bit apprehensive about it all but mostly excited! I'm up in Sandunzhen, wondering if I'm a bit far out! I want to do hillwalking etc, is there a lot of that that goes on! How long have you been in Hangzhou? And how do you find it!
  2. pluto_china

    Living in Sandunzhen

    I didn't make it clear - by social life I meant free time activities etc. in the evenings. Not just going out drinking. there is no nearby metro (I read somewhere that a there is one due to be completed by the end of 2017 fengtan which would be fine), so bus would be the only option for the meantime, and if it takes around an hour I'd not be so keen to go into the centre as frequently and I don't want to be just stuck on campus half the time. And yes I've heard of a taxi, but I've heard that the traffic can be a bit crazy slow. All i really want to know is, is living in Sanduzhen considered far out of town? Is there stuff to do? thanks
  3. pluto_china

    Looking for recommendations and offers

    Meshikui I am in the same predicament as you are - I have an offer from greentown yuhua qinqin school with accom however it feels very far away from the city - not entirely sure what to do!
  4. pluto_china

    Living in Sandunzhen

    Hi all, I have been offered a job around the Sandunzhen area (with apartment on campus), and the job looks great however I am concerned about the distance from the city centre - as I'd like to be able to do fun things in the evening and weekends without a lengthy commute. And everything seems to be closer to the city centre. is it possible to live in Sanduzhen and still have a good social life? Or does it mean A LOT of travelling? Because as far as I have read so far, the bus service isn't entirely reliable, no nearby metro and I enjoy cycling but it seems a bit too far to do most nights..... thank you edit: I thought of using an ebike however I read somewhere that they are being confiscated and i am not too sure about the traffic
  5. Thanks - I will look at bus stop options. Is there bike lanes/stations around the area, or are they closer to the centre?
  6. pluto_china

    Hi new here

    Hi there, I am moving to Hangzhou in late September to start as a ESL teacher to primary kids. I am a female from Scotland 22 years old. This will be my first time living in China after completing my masters. Looking forward to moving and meeting people!
  7. Hello, new here! I have just found out my school placement and I will be staying on campus. I have not yet arrived in China. My school is Greentown Yuhua Qinqin School north east of Sandunzhen. Using google maps so the directions and locations may be incorrect. I would like to know what my best options are in regards to travelling into the city centre. I would ideally like to cycle to the nearest subway or bus if possible. I cannot tell on google maps if there are bike lanes or stations around the area. Thank you for your help in advance!