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  1. Chelioudaki Eirini-Maria

    Proper Protein Powder

    Hello to everyone again. I actually wanted to update my status for all of you regarding my 'nonexistent' protein powder. I did actually checked http://spiritnu.com/ and did bought the double chocolate protein powder (2kg) and BCAA's. It cost me 490yuan and it took 2 days to be delivered outside Zhejiang University, on the gate of the new bridge. To be honest, it is not the most tasty protein I have ever had but the quality is much much better than what I thought it would be, the same for BCAA's. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that BCAA's are really bad in taste. From a nutritional point of you though, the protein that I bought is probably much more healthier than the ones I buy in UK, the only difference is that in UK the protein per scoop is 25gr whereas in the one I've got is 23gr. You guys have to check it out! The whole process was quite easy, and the cost is not sooo expensive. Better 23gr of protein than nothing. In case you have a problem feel free to text me on my wechat: eirinimaria , please write that you are from the forum so I can accept you.
  2. Chelioudaki Eirini-Maria

    Proper Protein Powder

    Fair enough. I will check it out then, thanks! I'm at Yuquan Campus. Well I have been to Century Mart but I was not very satisfied from the first glance. Being from Greece and having nearly my own farm (my granma's farm) is quite hard to judge the products. I will check this three out again. Thank you very much :D
  3. Chelioudaki Eirini-Maria

    Proper Protein Powder

    Dear all, I moved to Hangzhou couple of days ago as an international student in the Zhejiang University. My title says it all. As a gym freak, I am really concerned regarding my nutrition since I could not find any protein powder, BCAAS, vitamins and pre-workout around the city. Even If I am a girl, I have been working out the past 2.5 years and I really do not want to lose what I have been building so long. Some of you might laugh but once you start there is no way back and I think everyone who is working out can say the same. Another thing I wanted to ask is if you know a good place that I could buy meat, if that is near Zhejiang University would be even better. Please if you have any advice I would be more than excited to read it. Thanks in advance!