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  1. Truefan

    Where do you get organic veggies?

    Sigh, I can only understand that frustration so well. But I am also kind of optimistic. I have been noticing that organic farming projects, even Permaculture projects are emerging in many places, especially along the most economically developed coastal area. If you can read Chinese, take a look at two articles about two organic farming projects in Nanjing: http://www.timefarm.com.cn/technical.php, http://www.yogeev.com/article/61011.html
  2. Truefan

    Where do you get organic veggies?

    Thanks! I find Fieldchina's subscription is on the pricy side, with CNY 325/week. I am going to look for alternative subscription plans from Hangzhou.
  3. Truefan

    Where do you get organic veggies?

    Thanks san5324 for the information! I looked at fieldchina.com. Like it's wide range of imported products. For organic vegetables, the retail items seem to be available only in Shanghai and Nanjing. Perhaps they deliver to Hangzhou if one subscribes.
  4. Hi, everyone. I moved back from Silicon Valley and settled in Hangzhou this Aug. I am a happy vegan and love vegan cooking and baking. It took me a while to figure out multiple channels to source all the organic grains and beans. This really makes me miss Wholefoods :( I have yet to find a reliable supply for organic vegetables on reasonable quality and prices. Does anyone face the same problem? Thanks!
  5. I am also interested in dancing classes, but for beginners, if anyone happens to know any around the Xixi area. Thanks!