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  1. memmzhou

    Living in a good area near Yuquan campus

    Yes I my meaning was referring to : Lian hua Jie road. that is 2-3 km far from Yuquan campus. thanks for the advice , but I need to close all the apartment things before I come I have my chinese friend arranged do those things, I just need a good "Street names" and he will do the rest , yes I hope to rent in a maximum price of 5k rmb a month. that I can afford thanks ! if you have any suggestions will be much appreciated.
  2. Hi im moving to hangzhou in a month , Im looking for a good area (High enviormental ,. ) near to Yuquan campus not far more than 2-3 km away. can anyone recommend me on a good street names and areas. I heard about Lian Hua Jie, Xihu Qu, Hangzhou road any suggestions?
  3. Hey, is there a way getting business visa to china , Im coming to live in hangzhou as a freelancer , how do I get "Business invitation " for the buissnes visa is there services like that or something?
  4. do they have website or phone number because I cant find nothing about it on google.
  5. Hello im new to this forum ,. moving soon to hangzhou , Looking for a good place for learning chinese mandarin, anyone here have any experience? thanks!
  6. memmzhou

    **Used VPN router**

    can you recommend for any good Vpn service in china ?
  7. memmzhou

    **Used VPN router**

    looks fake make no sense that the router itself will provide Ip of an other country.
  8. memmzhou

    Looking for a shared flat

    Hi, I am 23 also moving soon to hangzhou , also searching at this moment apartments to rent at hz.58. coming for 6-12 months depends how it goes : ) wil be nice to be in contact , and will be nice to know if you found any good apartment.
  9. memmzhou

    Arriving in Hangzhou in October

    can you suggest a good place for learning mandarin. in hangzhou? Im also moving soon. thanks bro
  10. memmzhou

    Settling In

    also moving soon to hangzhou will appreciate to know if you found a please for learning chinese lessons : )