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  1. Hi. Can anyone tell me if a z-visa holder can start a business in Hangzhou or in china in general. If yes, do these businesses include restaurant or shop. answers and even explanations are welcome. THANKS
  2. Hi Im Looking for a.room in a.sharing appartment near xixi or yuquan or zijingang campus Let me know if there is any available
  3. Hi Im looking for a room in a sharing appartment near xixi or yuquan or Zijingang campus Asap
  4. deal17

    CCB bank key

    Hi everyone. Im an employee in Hz and now on leave . The union pay atms still rejecting my ccb card. I have been asked to call 95533 but I dont have the bank key requested. any advice please? thanks
  5. deal17

    Looking for Guiness

    Hi everyone, any advice about bars/club, selling Guiness beer in Hangzou. Im really in need of it. Thank you for your answers