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  1. Looking for some pot

    In other words, looking for Mary Jane. I know about it's legal status here etc etc etc, but I have a medical condition with which it helps waay better than pills or anything I've tried, so if you guys have any connections or could help out somehow else - I'd be eternally grateful. Send me a msg on wechat [Please send me private message for my contact information] or I can give you my facebook if you'd like. Cheers
  2. Good live music bars?

    Hey lads and ladies, can u recommend me some places with nice live music? or maybe clubs with local bands' concerts/gigs, no matter the genre, I'm just interested in seeing the local scene, like what Hangzhou kids play :) Thanks a lot !
  3. Hello, people! I arrived in HZ 2 weeks ago, I live somewhere around Gaojiao Road, not sure which area it is (maybe help me identify it?) I'm from Moscow, Russia and I recently turned 26. Working in a kindergarten and really enjoying it so far. I'm into nature, hiking, cycling, music (from classics to it's weirdest forms like noise/industrial), literature and art. I play guitar and would love to find people to jam with, especially if our music tastes would match more or less. Cheers [please send me private message for my contact information] in case you'd like to contact me about smt