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  1. We would like to see if your members are interested to attend the Computing Conference in Hangzhou on 11-14 Oct organized by Alibaba Group. We can arrange complimentary tickets for you but they need to arrange their own transportation and accommodations. Some of the key highlights of the conference • Jack Ma and Simon Hu, President of Alibaba Cloud will be speaking at the event; • 50,000+ Attendees from 58 countries / regions; • 400 + domestic and multinational companies attended; • 2 plenary sessions outline the cloud computing development trends and blueprints, and reveals the overall cloud computing and big data panorama; • 160+ breakout sessions explore the width and depth of all industrial technologies; • 600 + showcases the applications of big data in Finance, Manufacturing, Security, AI, Recreation and Healthcare…; • Networking and business matching opportunities; • Music festival and running competition; Link of the conference, the registration deadline is on 26th of Sept. https://yunqi.aliyun.com/ Best regards, Michael Mang [please send me private message for my contact information] Organizing Committee of The Computing Conference 2017 Alibaba Group The_Computing_Conference_2017.pdf