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  1. Actually, the guy has the right idea, even though the posting is dated. It is always a good idea to follow up on subject /career oriented positions archives occasionally. Never know if there's an opening. They may want to contact person.directly instead of dead post.
  2. Nutty Nomad

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    you guys are fricken funny san and pasta
  3. Wel, atleast salary demands are going up for the horrible training centers. It goes to show just how desperate these places are. It goes to show that so many qualified Native speaker teachers are fleeing faster than than these parasite companies can recruit. Another tell tell sign is no matter how much offered, only desperate laowai offering to put up with the horrendous emperor attitude these spoiled kids are.
  4. Nutty Nomad

    need a english tutor

    hello, Im Aaron, from the US. Teacher of 7 years in Hangzhou..For contact,.my wechat is [please send me private message for my contact information]
  5. Nutty Nomad

    I need an active loud English teacher ASAP

    These cookie.cutter centers still trying same old crap recruiting tactic working 6 days all day for a measley 10k per month. DD Dragon is just one of many shithole.crappers keeping status quo in tow.
  6. Nutty Nomad

    Sale/Moving Sale

    still got the suitcase?
  7. Nutty Nomad

    English teachers needed

    Well, I'm in China and I side with the the locals. Liberal pantywaists will not even have a chance. Good luck Loser.
  8. Nutty Nomad

    Incoming from Australia

    85degrees cafe or 85cafe is a decent cup of joe, latte, cappucino, or whatever for quite good price and taste.
  9. Nutty Nomad

    English Teacher Wanted

  10. Nutty Nomad

    English Teacher Wanted

    Hello. Can you give details as the age group, how many students and the materials the students are using? Im available Monday, Wednesday afternoons and evenings.
  11. Nutty Nomad

    Calling any fellow non-smokers

    Ya gotta love this country cuz all the unlimited smoking happening all over the place. This place is a smoker's paradise.
  12. Nutty Nomad

    70inch Letv For Sale

    That's a big tv
  13. Nutty Nomad

    Burger King: Where?

    Carls Burgers is so-so. I used to eat there during my college days as I got tired of eating In N Out constantly. the good thing about Carls is the size factor. Burger King back home was never busy, similar to KFC. But here in China, BK is definitely the only way to go if you have choices. Yes, there is one in EAC and here in the northeast Linping area. I tried the other night but they were closed. Not sure if they were just closing as staff were there, or if they were closed for CNY.
  14. Nutty Nomad

    English teacher needed

    This may be a misprint, but teachers please read all job adverts very thoroughly and ask for clarification. This advert claims they will offer 5,000RMB if you continue to sign on for a 2nd year. What does it mean if the teacher completes the first year and leaves on completion of contract? Please clarify for future applicants to avoid false advertisements and contract issues in the future. Cheers
  15. Nutty Nomad

    Incoming from Australia

    Regarding the coffee bit, there are many local cafe shops that offer decent freshly brewed coffee for 12-15 yuan all day long. Coffee is easy to get. Stay away from the hipster Starbucks and you'll be fine. Culture, I agree with Sainthood, but not is all is lost. You can still head to smaller village cities/communities and get a closer look into the local culture and way of life (even this may be debatable).