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  1. Sheikh


    hi baijan.
  2. It's simple, I'll collect applicants until 5th. Then if if get find the most favorable one, I'll confirm. You clear?
  3. Job vacancy: Foreign English Teacher Who we are looking for: 1. You enjoy nature and are environmental friendly. 2. You love kids and have great patience. 3. You speak good English with no heavy accent. 4. You are passionate about education and willing to explore it. 5. Teaching experience is a plus. 6. All nationalities are welcome. What we can offer : 1. A very friendly and passionate team. 2. An open and creative working environment. 3. Competitive payment. Address: Chengdong Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou. Now we need only 2 foreign teachers. If you are interested then PM me before 5th December 9pm.
  4. Sheikh


    How much the price?
  5. Hi Samz, I’m Sheikh. I’m interested to this this job. I’m well experienced with teaching English to Chinese kids. If you’re interested then I can provide details about me.
  6. Sheikh

    English teachers- full time needed

    Hi, I’m interested to this position as a part time English teacher. I got a lots of experiences about teaching kids. Thank you
  7. Sheikh

    Mac Air for sale

    It’s too old man
  8. Sheikh

    Mac Air for sale

    what is the price?
  9. Sheikh


    Guys I’m Sheikh. New in this forum but almost 4 months in Hangzhou and 1.5 years in China. I’m studying in here. Do you have a useless or dumped mobile phone or computer; you don’t wanna use it anymore?? Please let me know, I’m looking for these stuff (don’t worry, I’ll not pay you for these things, I wanna use these for Education purpose) And also anybody here may inform me where to buy second hand electronics (mobiles and computers) in Hangzhou? Thank you in advance.
  10. Sheikh

    Back to Hangzhou!

    It feels amazing and exiting when be home after a long time. You're lucky homie. Welcome buddy
  11. Sheikh

    Awesome e-bike for sale

    volt and max velocity?