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  1. I'm also really interested in Badminton for fun. I used to play once or twice every week before. If anyone knows a place where I could play badminton during weekends or anytime after 6pm near /on Nan Shan road or anywhere in Xi Hu district would be nice! Thank you! :) Still trying to settle in here and hopefully join some sport activities I will enjoy :D
  2. Raluca

    Hi and nice to meet you all!

    Hi, Luc and nice to meet you too! Message me your wechat details if you'd like to keep in touch/meet.
  3. Raluca

    Hi and nice to meet you all!

    Hi, Thank you for your reply, Aishah! :D Nice to meet you too! I've messaged you my wechat details and looking forward to meeting you in Hangzhou! Best, Raluca.
  4. Raluca

    Hello nice people

    Hi, Kim! Nice to meet you :) ! I'm a terrible dancer but I do love swimming. I'll be arriving soon in Hangzhou and looking forward to finding out more about this city and meeting new people. Wishing you all the best settling in and hoping to hear more about your experiences there soon!
  5. Hello, I'm moving to Hangzhou in a week. Will be arriving there on the 9th of October. Can speak fluent English and advanced Chinese (I can also fully understand Spanish and have some basic knowledge of German and Japanese). Spent 2 years in Beijing before, between 2013 and 2015 on a study abroad programme, then went back to UK to complete my undergraduate degree and my MSc. I like strolling and sightseeing in general, watching movies - especially good animation movies, playing pool and chess, writing poetry and swimming. I also conduct research on renewable energy policies and am highly interested in environmental politics. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to finding out more about Hangzhou and hopefully making new friends there too!