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  1. Powerlifting/Weightlifting Gyms

    Not sure on a specific location, but the vast majority of gyms I've been to here have a squat rack and barbells--haven't seen many places with Olympic plates though. As long as you don't need specialized powerlifting bars or anything really niche, it shouldn't be an issue.
  2. EF adult centre location

    Don't know the exact street address, but a couple adults I know go to the EF right by the Longxiangqiao metro station. It's across the street from the Apple Store and West Lake.
  3. Schools raided for illegal teachers, does it happen here?

    "Not as rare as you think" implies it happens often. Your above comment essentially repeated my point about Disney being the only major incident.
  4. Schools raided for illegal teachers, does it happen here?

    I highly doubt this (in terms of it occurring frequently). The only stories I have heard of training centers getting raided (not in Hangzhou) were when companies stopped bribing the police. I think Disney English had a big issue a couple years ago. A pseudo-international school would probably be a good place for them to begin fishing for bribes.
  5. Schools raided for illegal teachers, does it happen here?

    Never heard of it happening in Hangzhou. Judging from the number of young Eastern Europeans here, I'd say a large percentage of people are working illegally (either teaching or "modelling").
  6. Free trial class for Lo Man Kam WingChun KungFu Training

    Can you name a specific moment when he incorporated a Kung Fu technique? Conor's original striking background is boxing, which he began at age 12. Whether or not he incorporated Kung Fu moves, which I don't believe, doesn't change the fact that his primary striking art is not Kung Fu. Kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, sambo, and BJJ form the basis for the vast majority of UFC fighters (and champions). Besides Kung Fu's numerous technical issue, the main problem is that the majority of Kung Fu gyms do not incorporate live sparring. Look at the above photos, which are taken on wood floors. How are athletes supposed to spar live on wood floors?
  7. Free trial class for Lo Man Kam WingChun KungFu Training

    I'm sure it would go like every other video of a Wing Chun/Kung Fu guy sparring against a non-bullshit martial art.
  8. Free trial class for Lo Man Kam WingChun KungFu Training

    The UFC-and many other mixed martial arts organizations-did not require gloves until 1997. WingChun/Kungfu still had no success then. And of course BJJ alone isn't perfect. A combination of competition-tested grappling (judo, wrestling, or BJJ) and competition-based striking (boxing, kickboxing, or muay thai) would provide the best change for someone to defend themselves. In a multiple opponent fight you are pretty screwed regardless of one's self-defense background.
  9. Free trial class for Lo Man Kam WingChun KungFu Training

    I see a guy exposing himself to an easy single leg takedown. Possibly a high crotch lift too if the other guy in the picture has any wrestling skills.
  10. Free trial class for Lo Man Kam WingChun KungFu Training

    Have you seen the recent videos of WingChun/Kungfu "masters" sparring competition-based martial arts that actually work (wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing, etc.)? I'm sure it's a fun time, but I wouldn't want anyone getting tricked into thinking this stuff is legitimate.
  11. Recommendations for bars

    Appreciate the detailed response. Yeah, I walk by Reggae Bar quite a bit and it looks abandoned now. Hard Rock also has some decent happy hour deals and proper bar to sit at.
  12. Recommendations for bars

    I like Eudora Station, Wade's, and Blue Frog. All pretty chilled out pub-type atmospheres. As a side note, does anyone know what happened to Reggae Bar? It seems like it has been closed for the last couple months.
  13. Bars with the least number of Chinese

    Great, thanks. I will check those out. I was hoping for at least a 60/40 foreigner to Chinese ratio-not "just" foreigners.
  14. Hey guys, Where is good bar to go (pub type atmosphere) that is mostly foreigners? I have visited Hangzhou a bunch of times, and it seems that Wade's has shifted to a mostly Chinese clientele over the last six months. I've found the Hard Rock can be ok-before eight o'clock or so. Anywhere else that I am missing? Trying to avoid the screaming, complaining, posturing, and general rude behavior that comes along with a large number of Chinese customers.
  15. Salary Expectations

    Great, all good points. I often see exaggerated numbers online, so I was just trying to get a better read on the situation. I think there was actually a post on here yesterday that had the 12,000-20,000 scale number on it. I am assuming they rarely pay the top end though.