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  1. Wendy Brown

    Animal welfare?

    Please don't give up!!! Check this place out. They may know someone who can help. http://actasia.org/professional-education/rabbits-join-cats-and-dogs-in-focus-for-pet-welfare-program/
  2. Hi, Does anyone know a good reputable company that delivers bottled water? I live in the Jing Fang area of Hangzhou.
  3. Wendy Brown

    buying a bike

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a used bike or a reasonable priced bicycle? There are tons of rentals in a program I love in this town, but the bikes are small. I have very long legs and need a bike with a larger frame. I am only here for a year so I am not looking to spend a lot. Thanks in advance! All help is appreciated!!!
  4. Wendy Brown

    Hi! New to Hangzhou

    Greetings! I have been in Hangzhou for a little under a month now teaching English and am interested in meeting new people! [please send me private message for my contact informaion]. I look forward to hearing from you!! I'll write more about myself later. In a bit of a hurry right now. I am looking for a used bike to buy - a larger frame than the rentals - Anyone have any ideas where I can get one? Also, looking for a place around my neighborhood to deliver 5 gallon jugs of water. Anyone know of a reputable company?