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  1. the notorious has used a lot of kungfu move lol conor is a genius he uses many styles in his fights and he makes it his own i wouldnt be surprise if that bastard creates his own fightin style and name after himself and regarding the school and its floor dont think wrong every school has its own style a good fighter should learns all the styles and use them to develop himself. even if you spare with them and probably you kick their asses do you think that means their school sucks the answer is no you will learn one thing or two my first martial art school were the streets and i was so confident till i challenged a kykushinkai karate guy and after that i decided to join their club . this karate uses many other styles so i kept learning other styles like boxing kung fue and i even tried to master our traditional grabbling techniques but even if you learn one strike it is always good to add it to your fighting technique bank.however it is the kykushinkai training that kept me strong and able to defend myself
  2. the notorious has used a lot of kungfu moves
  3. kay

    English teachers needed

    i am really experienced in this age pm
  4. kay

    Joining a soccer team

    I would like to do some practice with ya guys
  5. kay

    Hello nice people

    I I have just come to Hangzhou I m gona teach drama it. Would be nice to share modern art activities