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  1. Beckkk

    Release paperwork from previous company

    Thanks Mr Zheng for your advice. I’m pretty sure in his previous job, he did have a work permit, so he needs the release papers. Now he’s being told that the release papers are done, but for some reason they aren’t giving him a clear answer on the status of his work permit paperwork. For the z visa, I got mine a few weeks ago in HK, so is having to go back to your own country a very recent change? thanks rebecca
  2. Hi everyone, asking this for a friend. My friend is an English teacher working at his second school in China. He is currently on a business visa. His current school has told him they can't get the paperwork done for his work permit because his previous employer has not completed the release paperwork. His previous school say they have completed the paperwork. His business visa expires on the 14th of this month. Can he get an extension of his business visa? Is there any way he can find out what is actually happening with the release paperwork? Where can he go for advice / help in this situation? Thank in advance Rebecca : )
  3. Beckkk

    Moving to Hangzhou

    Hi everyone! My name is Beck, I've just accepted a position as an ESL teacher for Jan 2018 in Hangzhou. I'm moving from Oz. Not my first time teaching in another country, but my first time in China. I'm looking forward to the move, but feeling a bit nervous as well