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  1. Hello. I work at a school opening in September, but in a different district. Many expats go to HIS, as well as Wahaha, but not sure if that's close enough to you. We moved in December, and I'm still looking for activities for my kids.
  2. Hi! Looking to enroll my adolescent girls in dance classes. Ballet would be great. Thanks!
  3. Looking for subject tutors (ELA, maths, science, chinese) for my children who are homeschooled in Binjiang district. THanks!
  4. Tshinguta

    New American School opening in 2018-2019

    Not sure what the last part of your statement means, so will just reply different strokes for different folks. Cheers!
  5. FYI A new american curriculum school is opening in Hangzhou next year. BASIS International School Hangzhou opens its doors in September 2018. The head is a Brit who actually started out as a comedian and police investigator. Really cool guy. A bit pricey, but another option.
  6. Tshinguta

    Moving to HZ with kids

    Hi Patrick, I have kids nearly the same age, and we just moved to Hangzhou mid December from Shenzhen where we arrived in August. Must bring items I think depend on your kids as nearly everything is made here. I brought their video game consoles, but bought new leads to accomodate different wattage here. Internet access: because we came from the States, Netflix is an essential. We paid for a high speed internet with vpn built in, which works fairly well. And when it doesn't, it is reset remotely. We arrived in Hangzhou during the holidays, so it seems everyone is out, but I believe I found a great football org for my son, and still waiting for dance links for my girls. I will let you know as I learn. Happy New Year by the way!