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  1. Corriou

    Photography equipment

    Hi brkdlkrn, Thank you for this information. I asked for information about these second-hand shops around me but no one knew anything except Qiuatobeilu. It is good to have more information.
  2. Corriou

    Photography equipment

    I want to share some experience about buying photo equipment. I work temporarily in Hangzhou. I have a Nikon D750, full frame, with zooms and I wanted to buy fixed lenses for that camera, in particular 20mm f1.8, 35mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.4. If possible, I was looking for second hand lenses. As I had spent some time last year in Guangzhou and Hong-Kong, I knew the places there where it is possible to buy second-hand lenses. In Hong-Kong, I was guided by a Chinese photographer to go to the place in Kowloon where all photo shops are located in the same building. Lots of equipment but prices were rather high. I found a Nikkor zoom 80-200mm f.4 in excellent condition. Then I went to Guangzhou where there is a small district with all photo shops. Again, I was accompanied by a Chinese photographer and there I bought a Nikkor zoom 16-35mm at a very good price and the prices were neatly lower than in Hong-Kong. I could have saved 1000RMB on my Nikkor zoom 80-200mm f.4. Now, what about Hangzhou. I went to 128 Qiutao North where you can find second-hand equipment. I was relatively deceived, not so many Nikkor lenses, but a 85mm f1.4 at 7500 RMB. I decided to go to Shanghai to see. Apparently, according to www.olegnovikov.com, it is interesting. After having found with some difficulty Huanlong Department Store, No. 360 Meiyuan Road, I went there and was deceived by the choice, not as large as I expected from a large city. I found several 85mm f1.4, including one at 7000 RMB in excellent condition, thus compared to Hangzhou, the difference was low (if you take into account travel, hotel expenses especially). Prices can be very little discussed. I decided to go to Shanghai Xingguang Photo Gear Mall, No. 288 Luban Road, where you find all new equipment and as I had not found the 20mm and 35mm as second-hand, I decided to buy them new. In reality, at least not being a Chinese, the prices can be very little discussed again and they differ very little from Hangzhou. Philosophy: the best place in my opinion was Guangzhou. Otherwise, you can find your equipment in Hangzhou in specialized shops, it is not worth going outside to gain very little. Last but not least: do not forget to make pictures.
  3. I am French, emeritus professor in chemical engineering and process control. I am invited at Zhejiang University from October 15th to December 15th 2017. Last year, I spent two months and ahalf in the same position. I am an amateur photographer and would like to share ideas and interest about photography. I also would like to find shops where they sell second-hand high-quality photographic equipment. I have seen such buildings or areas in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It also exists in Shanghai. However, I have no idea in Hangzhou. Presently, I am equipped with a Nikon camera and Nikkor lenses.