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    Hiphop danceschool & Expats in Sandunzhen

    @san5324 Ja klopt haha! Ik had alleen recent van iemand hier gehoord dat er "veel" internationals in de buurt woonden, dus vandaar dat ik deze oproep heb geplaatst. Ik kan ze namelijk niet vinden. Bedankt voor de tips :)
  2. Hello helloo everyone! Since one month I live in the Sandunzhen area. Even though it's quite far away from the city centre, I really enjoy life over here. It's a very convenient place. The two things I do miss though, are: 1) Hiphopclasses. Wauw, I really want to practice my passion again. I miss it so much. So my question is: Does anyone know a good danceschool/dance centre were they teach Hiphop lessons? (or something simular). This can be in the whole city actually (not Sandunzhen area perse), since I'm quite desperate to find one haha. 2) Expats. I have the feeling that I'm the only international who's living in this area, so my second question is: Are there some expats in this area who would like to meet and hang out some day? Thank you so much for the tips, I really appreciate it