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  1. Handmade individual eyelashes • All length (12, 13, 14...), • curl (J, B, C, and CC, D) • Thickness (0.07, 0, 10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25) • Available to order with very good prices quality and free delivery. Each box of 12 lines: 65 yuan (regardless of thickness and length). I could recommend trustable lash technician, they normally charge around 100yuan to 150yuan which is much cheaper than buying the whole package individually .Most taobao lashes are either too short or too thin. attached ,you can see some real pictures with real length and curl but shape and natural lash would affect extension and how eyes look like. You can PM me here for extra information.
  2. New authentic suede leather Zara ankle boot ,very stylish,nice color, size 38 bought for 399 yuan sell for 180 yuan
  3. New wool mix poncho

    New poncho,black,sizes S,never wore,(little big for me) I bough it for 200 yuan ,sell it for 130 yuan.reference link as below https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z02.1.2016030118.d2016038.11bac5afN0EwSO&id=560285744200&scm=1007.10157.81291.100200300000000&pvid=a06f6016-44e4-4262-9e4b-8fff80f2f6a4
  4. Hotel for pets

    there is a several places in Hangzhou I normally board my dog ,they might be a bit far from you near xixidieyuan ,check if this is your only option ,if you can type just basic Chinese in baidu map ,you can easily find one near your location,if not send me pm I add you on wechat to give you location
  5. Hotel for pets

    there are many places you can board your cat ,price range from 35 yuan to 150 yuan
  6. Boot camp class

  7. Boot camp class

    Hi I am fitness and health coach recently move to hangzhou . I do boot camp classes in weekend and weekdays mostly morning and evening as well as one on one and on line coaching and meal planning (just for her). I am china national figure body overal winner . If you are interested in my services just drop me a private message then I can share my wechat for further discussion . Thanks