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  1. howazure

    An Italian in Hangzhou

    Hi In my opinion Gongshu is an old resident area where not much malls located there. And lot of places are still constructing new metro stations. If I were you, I would choose to live close to 西湖文化广场(West lake culture square), where you can find mall, bar, and most important, metro. It is also well connected with lots of bus lines. Traditionally, I will use http://www.19lou.com/forum-1637-1.html the 19lou forum to find a room. You can always find a good deal, but most of them don't speak English. Nowadays, I find http://hz.ziroom.com/z/nl/z3-s1号线-t西湖文化广场.html a new share-room website is getting more popular. Generally their rooms are clean and new, and price is slightly higher. Also the roommates are mostly young people. Hope you will find an ideal place :p
  2. Hi whatsup So... I'm chinese, have been in Europe (France, Germany and Spain) studying for 7 years. Now I just settled down in Hangzhou for several months. Miss the time when I have to speak English (my french and german are very bad...) I've always try to help people when they come to a new place, cuz I've been through that. so, here I come and try to have some fun. and by the way currently I'm running a company and working on some optical glass product...
  3. howazure

    Hello everyone

    really like Harley Quinn!!
  4. howazure

    Wifi packages

    Sure. lol you know a lot ! That's why in the first place, I introduced Telecom. Sometimes I see very attractive offer from Mobile, so personally I would choose this next year for the good quality-price ratio.
  5. howazure

    Wifi packages

    Even for me I feel confused about which company should I choose. Nothing wrong to ask about this question, but the problem is, I'm afraid no one can really answer this question with 100% confidence. 1- China Telecom is the oldest and once strongest, and most expensive one. When I was a kid we can only chose this fxxking expensive service. Nowadays this is still the one of the most reliable service to choose. I have read some thing like, if you wanna play FPS shooting computer game, use China Telecom. 2- China Mobile and China Unicom are once 2 biggest mobile service company, and nowadays they are also doing good job in internet service. As a China Mobile user for more than 10 years, I favour more China Mobile. 3- You can also find some Ads about Great Wall Broadband,China Tietong Telecommunication etc. The package from the big 3 company they always come together with mobile contract. So I would advise if you are currently using China Mobile SIM card, better choose their service. After all China Mobile having the largest mobile customer. I'm currently using Great Wall Broadband, in my neighbourhood the speed is slow like a hell. But I can't say in general their service is bad, it is highly depending on which neighbourhood you are living. As for City to City contract transfer, I think this can be quite difficult, at least for the big 3 companies they seems to be run by different branches. But who knows.
  6. howazure

    Store with cameras

    Hi Nowadays most people just shopping online, say Taobao and Jingdong. But you can always visit the buildings around 文三路369 颐高数码旗舰广场 (Wensan road #369,Egoit digital flag-ship square), and 百脑汇电脑城 教工路23号百脑汇科技大厦(近文三路) (Buynow computer town, Jiaogong road #23) Be careful before you make any decision and pay for the product. The salesman sometimes can be quite annoying. Best
  7. howazure

    Buying real estate in Hangzhou

    Hi, I tried google this issue in Chinese and this is what I found from the 2nd hand real-estate agency (Lianjia.com), updated on 2016.07.29 ------ 0- Before we discuss about this, one thing is sure: you can only get the chance to by a 2nd hand house, not a new one. Cuz even for me as a Chinese it's getting less and less possible to buy a new one. 1- You need to file a report at Hangzhou National Security Bureau of Foreign Affairs Office for the purchase of 2nd hand housing in Hangzhou. Only after getting the approval can you sign the purchase contract with the landlord. 2- The contract and agency contract must be notarized to do foreign-related-contract notarization, notary fee is 0.3% of the contract price. Agency contract notarization fee is 300 yuan. 3- Files requirements: Your passports and translated into Chinese, notarised file or the original notary of your identity and marital status from your country, translated into Chinese and verified by the People's Republic of China Embassy or Consulate in your city. 4- You can only buy one house for your own, and must meet the following conditions: Must have a valid residence certificate in Hangzhou (issued by the police station); The working certificate in Hangzhou; A written commitment state that you have no other real estate in China . You must have a Chinese name. Whether it is for the export housing in accordance with the provisions of the local housing management departments (only needed to buy a commercial housing); Purchase contract, loan contract must be notarized; The proportion of the first payment of not less than 50%, the loan period not more than 8 years; If apply for the mortgage: interest rates raises up 10%, and you need provide tax certificate in China. It is said that the Bank of China can do the mortgage, but depends on the your chinese employer as well, and need a guarantee who has stable income in China. 5- Some address and Tel. numbers you might need: Hangzhou State Security Bureau Foreign Affairs Office Address: Shangtang Road 383, Tel 0571-88039785 Hangzhou City National Notary Office Address: 499 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, Science and Technology Association on the 2nd floor, Tel: 0571-85101893 0571-85105000 Hangzhou Qiantang notary office: 348 Qingtai Street, Hangzhou Xuefeng Building, Tel: 0571-87822467 Government designated passport and name translation agency: Hangzhou Haibo Translation Agency, Address: Youth Road No. 27, Tel: 0571-87087350 ------ Overall, I guess it's just much more simple to rent a house for 1/2/3 years... Just offer some information about where to find house info. Personally, I find my current house on http://www.19lou.com/forum-1637-1.html This is the biggest Hangzhouer forum. You need to have a plug-in to translate everything into English though, and look out those agent who pretend to be landlord. (Agents normally charge 50% of one month rent for service, but you can always bargain). If you do prefer to look for an agent who is reliable and speaks English, you can try Lianjia and 5i5j, these are the most popular agencies. But we have to cross fingers cuz 90% of them don't speak English at all. ps: I have been study in Europe for 7 years, I know how hard it is to find a decent place to live. I take no money here and I write all this just for fun...lol