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  1. Staying in Jianggan District for a week now. So far so good... could use some company aside from people from work though... anyway, will be getting some warm shoes and other everyday necessities from around town, do let me know if there are any good places to get stuff around my district... cheers! :D
  2. Dambuhala

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    Did you manage to get this D&D group going? I would be interested to join.
  3. Dambuhala


    Is the M:tG scene big in HZ? I played Magic in college... way back '94 I think... got into the game during 3rd (Revised Edition)... Played it until Urza Cycle but then stopped... Sold all my precious cards way back 2000 to support Pokemon TCG and Harry Potter TCG and Vs System... In short... I have quite a long history with gaming... even up to online gaming and stuff... Nowadays, I am more into boardgames... Any active boardgame groups around HZ that are willing to take me in? Hope to connect with gamers soon! Cheers and Game On!
  4. Hi All! I was born in Hong Kong but grew up in the Philippines. Currently working here in Malaysia but the company I work with is expanding to HZ. I haven't been to HZ before but I am looking forward to it! I speak English (10/10) Filipino (10/10) Mandarin (6/10) Hokien (4/10) Cantonese (2/10)... Looking forward to connecting with people who are into tabletop boardgames! Also interested to know if there are other Filipinos in HZ as well... Cheers!