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  1. hersheys799

    Travel to India

    Anyone interested in traveling to india in the next two months? looking for company.
  2. hersheys799


    Hi i am just looking for something casual. If it can lead to something meaningful, then great. I basically believe that life is short, so therefore I cherish every minute of it and I live life to its fullest. Money is only good on earth and not good anywhere else, so I save some, spend some, and the other third goes to taxes. I enjoy cooking, dining out, travel, sports. I am here in hangzhou for two months. Then I need to go back to US. I'm 26 years old, female by the way. Hope to hear from you.
  3. hersheys799

    Hi everyone

    I was born and raised in hangzhou, lived in the states for couple years, and now came back for business. Looking forward to making some new friends.