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  1. 卢漫修

    Motorcycle Advice

    Sorry to raise this subject from the dead, but thought it would be better than making a new thread. I live north of Xi Xi and I see motorbikes and motor scooters all the time. I also see them around the more open areas such as long jing village. (however I never see them in downtown hangzhou) Some of these are very expensive sports bikes that are obviously ok because the rider has guanxi. But I mostly see poor people riding around on cheap 125cc motorbikes or scooters. So there must be some way to cheaply ride a motorbike legally. I don't think these people are breaking the law as their bikes have registration plates on them. And why would you put a fake plate on a motorbike? The police will obviously know it's fake as soon as they hear you coming. Also when I was in long jing village on my E-bike I saw 3 police officers on motorbikes and a guy rode right past them on another motorbike and the cops did nothing. Out of interest, does anyone know the rules on motorized bicycles? A motorized bicycle is a pedal bicycle that has been fitted with a small engine. Reminiscent of the first motorbikes. In America they're not classed as motorcycles they're classed as bicycles and I was wondering if China is the same.
  2. Hi, Me and my friend are looking for an apartment with 2-3 rooms within commuting distance of Zhejiang university. Our-budget is around 3000-4500, maybe more if it's the right apartment.
  3. Hi, I've recently landed in Hangzhou to study at Zhejiang university and I'm looking for an apartment, does anyone have any advice or know a good rental agency? My spoken chinese is quite poor but my reading and writing is ok, so I have been using the 房天下 app to try and search for an apartment. I've had two bad experiences so far, the first was I contacted someone about a 3 bedroom property I was interested in for 4200/month, he said the price on the app is fake and it's actually 6800/month. And said it's impossible to get what I want for what I want to spend (3000-4500) The second bad experience is I asked another agent to find me a house for 3500/month and they took me to an absolute hovel of an apartment, when I told them it was poor I was taken to a much better apartment which was 5100/month which seemed far too expensive as it was very small. This seems like a common agency scam tactic where they take you to the bad house first to scare you into getting the expensive one. Does anyone have any advice for getting a good apartment within my budget and not getting scammed? Everyone I've asked said I should be able to find a modern and spacious apartment for 4500 or under.