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  1. brkdlkrn

    Photography equipment

    You are welcome,I mean you can also find in BAINAOHUI 百脑汇 its near by Zhejiang university yuquan campus. they have second hand shops in there.
  2. brkdlkrn

    Photography equipment

    Hi @Corriou, i have nikon D7000 and I bought 35mm nikkor lens from taobao its also second hand and I'm using from last year its doesn't have any problem it was 850 yuan I think I remember like that so you can check also taobao and if you want to go to like store you can go 百脑汇 (bainaohui) its technology store you can find computer phone camera second hand and new one directly. mm location is maybe you know basement bar&club its same building basement under the bainaohui technology store.