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  1. Hello everyone, I have recently arrived in Hangzhou with my husband and four-year-old daughter. We are living in Xihu district at Gui Hua Cheng. We are from Sydney, Australia. We have been enjoying Hangzhou so far. I have been using the forums so far to answer questions I may have. I hope to continue to use to find out more about Hangzhou, what's happening in Hangzhou, and make some connections with people living here. Thanks! Kate
  2. Kate Simpson

    Alipay to pay for buses

    I contacted Alipay chat support and was told Alipay does not currently support non-Chinese ID holders using Alipay for buses. Thanks.
  3. Kate Simpson

    Alipay to pay for buses

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Hangzhou and I'd like to use alipay to pay for buses around the city. Does anyone know if you can set alipay up to pay for city bus trips? I have it linked to a Chinese bank account and can pay for purchases etc. I have it working for the metro under Pay > Transport > scan QR Code. However, under Pay > Transport > buses - when I try to set it up it asks for a Chinese ID. I can't put in my Passport number as the field only accepts numbers. Is it possible to use alipay to pay for city bus trips without a Chinese ID? Thanks Kate