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  1. Barry, are you still in Hangzhou? Maybe you-re interested in joining a Cabaret? Can PM me for my Wechat. Cheers
  2. Smary

    Girls sports

    Hey, I know it's been a while since you asked, but I am part of a girls football group. Right now we're having a bit of a break since most are travelling the summer, but we plan to regroup sometime in September. Let me know if you want in on the Wechat group! Cheers
  3. Smary

    Chinese new year

    haha, ok, fair enough :D thanks for the info!
  4. Smary

    Chinese new year

    so you have time for coffee then ?
  5. Smary

    International annual medical insurance

    from Slovenia. Ok, I'll take a look, thank you!
  6. Smary

    Chinese new year

    Chinese New Year coming up - does anyone know of any interesting short-term cultural activities (mini-language course, course / trip / lecture / winter school to do with Chinese culture / customs, ritual activities, ceremonies etc.) that English - speaking foreigners in Hangzhou, Shanghai or any area close-by can join? Thanks!
  7. Can anyone recommend an insurance company that offers an international annual medical insurance that covers a year of study / work in any country except the country of origin ? Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, I know I'm a few years late, but I still want to ask - how did the play go? Did you get a space to practice and peform it ? Am in Hangzhou at the moment, looking for similar opportunities. Thanks :) Mary
  9. Hi, I'm trying to find info on international cinemas and on this Asian Film festival online, no luck so far on when it is happening and so on. I've also tried the links for the Cartoon Do you know anything? Thanks :)
  10. Smary

    Theatre in Hangzhou

    Rafa, you still in Hangzhou?
  11. Sobie, do you know of any other art-related workshops conducted in English in the near future, or some galleries / culture centres / theatres that do that kind of thing? My interest is mainly in performing arts (theatre, film, dance). Thank you!
  12. Hi, is this production team based in Hangzhou? Do you have any info on how to reach them ? Thank you!
  13. Hehehe, you're totally right! But oh would I miss risking my neck driving an e-ebike ! :P Cheers
  14. Hey - yes, I totally agree, the location and price are beyond awesome, but it so happens my workplace is not near a metro stop, and my ebike can only handle a certain distance in one go before I have to charge it again, so it's really too far for me :/