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  1. Hello. I would like to know what should I do if I need to leave China before the semester ends. My school is telling me I can't leave before semester ends regardless, but I need to.
  2. Alinanra

    Hangzhou Translator Meetup

    Hello. I am a freelance translator living in Hangzhou and I would like to meet other peole like me - because freelance translation sometimes can be a little isolated from fellow professionals -, so I am organizing a meetup for translators (I am a freelancer but in-house translators, interpreters, translation students and people interested in translation are welcome too!). Hope to meet some peers to talk about the good and the bad of our work! Meetup will be at HuangLong Maan Cafe, April 16th, 6PM to 8PM. 133-4 Xixi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou 西溪路133号-4
  3. Alinanra

    Calling any fellow non-smokers

    I am allergic to smoke so I care a lot about it too. Usually if you go to Halal restaurants, people are forbidden to smoke inside the restaurant.
  4. Thank you! Hahaha night rides are nice too! It's more quiet and calm.
  5. Hello! I am Ayumi, from Brazil. I am living in Hangzhou for 6 months already, but I am a new member in the forum. I am currently a freelance Japanese-Portuguese translator, but I have 9 years experience in Japanese language teaching (taught both university students and businessmen, gruoup classes and private tutoring). I love talking about languages and education, I can say it is one of the things I am passionate about. Language is also the reason that made me come to Hangzhou: I came here to study Chinese in Zhejiang University. I love cooking and recently I've been trying some new recipes, enjoying my new kitchen! I usually cook Japanese, Brazilian or Chinese dishes. One thing I can't live without is a bicycle! I usually bike around West Lake at night or on the weekends. If anyone is up for a bike ride, just send me a message!
  6. Hello. Is the apartment still available? I am interested. I have sent you a private message. Thank you