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  1. Flow

    Wanted: a bicycle

    I have 2 locks: 1 U-Lock and 1 cable lock. You can have them for free. :blink:
  2. Flow

    Wanted: a bicycle

    I would like to offer my 26" road bike. I am a little too tall (186 cm). :blink: I bought it in August 2011 at DECATHLON shop for RMB 1800. Negotiable price now is 700 RMB. Used it for about 700 km. It still has warranty on it. Cheers, Flow..
  3. Flow

    Code Space?

    Oops... - 2 weeks out of town and everything changes again... :blink:
  4. Flow

    Code Space?

    The old location in the creative art area has closed last year November. The new place (for the parties) is the Cafe "Project Code Space" at the zero level of Westlake Culture Square near Wulin Square. Parties will be announced in this forum as well with flyers at most of the bars & clubs in Hangzhou. Cheers, Flow..
  5. Flow

    Gym membership

    For everybody in the north of Hangzhou (e.g. GongShu), there's a gym in the building of the Daguan Swimming & Gym Centre which offers Spinning courses, Yoga classes, Belly dance lessons etc. The membership fee is: 200 RMB/month 700 RMB/6 months 1200 RMB/year Other sports such as Badminton, Ping Pong and Soccer can also be played (additional fee). Contact details: Hangzhou Daguan Swimming and Gym Centre Daguanyuan East Road Gongshu, Hangzhou - 310014 大关东四苑18 0571-88315200 Open daily from 6am - 22pm. It's okay...
  6. Flow

    Wanted: a bicycle

    What's your size Haribo? (height & weight)
  7. Flow

    8-day holiday: traffic accidents kill 794

    Horrible!!!! A hundred deaths per day!?!? Just FYI: China: 100 million cars (2011) = 794 deaths within 8 days Germany: 50 million cars (2011) = 3994 deaths within 1 year Didn't find the number of ferries...
  8. Flow

    Impress your geeky friends

  9. Flow

    Taxis in HZ

    There is a big shift change (pertains every taxi company in Hangzhou region) at 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Cab drivers may only take you if your destination is on or nearby the base. Then You can see a sign (roughly A4-size) which is put on the dashboard. ...and to fulfill Karellen's list: Seventh: Never go with "private taxis"!
  10. Flow


    Ehm... - Zhang!!! The place which you mentioned first really isn't a "regular" KTV place! It's more a men-KTV if you know what I mean... And of course - there are big differences between KTV in China and the rest of the world (except Japan). The biggest are: 1. In China you have to pay for KTV. 2. In China you don't have KTV in a public area like bar or club where you can sing 1 song alternating with others - you have to rent your own room or suite in a big hotel-like building and you are in that room just with your friends. 3. In China (with some exceptions) you have to operate the KTV-equipment by yourself - while elsewhere the DJ or the bar staff is responsible to keep it running. Of course drinking is a common point... :)
  11. Flow

    Belive it or Not

    The sex mates are Western guys! ...and identifying a small towel and a body board next to the couple... - HE! It's a SEX ON THE BEACH CAKE! :huh:
  12. Flow

    It is Blockbusters Season

    Thanks Zhang - but it feels like RE follows me since 20 years... :huh:
  13. Near BaoChu Lu is an Italian restaurant called ANGELO'S. The pasta actually is better than the Pizza...
  14. Flow

    It is Blockbusters Season

    Prometheus was disappointing... Watched Batman I, II and III in a 321 minutes marathon at a cinema in Hamburg (Germany) 1 month ago. THAT was fun! :) Resident Evil - which one is it now? The 14th??? :eh:
  15. EUDORA STATION (NanShan Lu 197) is very Western. And very good regarding food. Plus you can sit on the roof top these days... Have fun! Flow..