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  1. adminxgalsen


    hey man it's hard to find a job for foreigner in china if you are student you pay so much money the university withouy getting job i was in europe there the university are public and student can find internship or job easily
  2. adminxgalsen

    work visa

    as you are not teacher native or non native it does not matter
  3. adminxgalsen

    Have fun together

  4. hello need teacher who speak fluent english for kid 2years old
  5. adminxgalsen

    Going hiking on weekends. photography.

    i like hiking
  6. it will be interesting for me and many peoples to create small club max 5chineses and 5 foreigners to help each other and organize some travel together club is good way to find friend everywhere and to enjoy together something...a way also to learn and play i need this kind of family if you are ok pv me
  7. hello everyone if someone need french teacher please contact me.
  8. adminxgalsen

    Japanese teacher, new in the forum!

    bike at night .i am a man who afraid to ride bike welcome to hangzhou
  9. hello i am looking for chinese girl for being my partner to learn chinese
  10. adminxgalsen

    Hi everybody brazilian girl in Hangzhou

    i like brasil i like football neymar ronaldinho i like capoera feel free to contact me
  11. adminxgalsen

    Hi everybody brazilian girl in Hangzhou

    hi brasilian girl need new friend add me
  12. adminxgalsen

    hello hanzhou expat

    hiii hangzhou expat need hangzhou friend life is better with friend