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  1. This forum only gets 4 types of posts 1) the older, more desperate (or long-term single) guy looking for a girl; 2) the new, young, "I'm too sexy" guys just looking for a quick shag; 3) the Chinese girls who have unrealistic expectations*; 4)... or just say "only looking for friends" - and thus, one wonders why they post on a thread called "Love and dating"! (*unrealistic in regards to the type of guys who frequent this forum).
  2. I don't know!!!! Sheesh! They're in little side streets in small little 'cuns'... I just know where they are. Firstly, Aladin - go to DongHu (sp?) behind the dorms for Keji Xueyuan (opposite the uni, not next to it). There's only ONE road up from LiuHe Lu, so go up that to the end (of the real road, not up the little non-road thing - this will make sense when you see it!) Turn right at the top corner (naturally), and go to the first 'intersection' or parting of the houses that looks like it might go somewhere... and you should see a big vertical sign on a wall that says "Uzbegistani". (there are LOTS of foreign students around the area, so you can just ask). Sana'a - go to the XiaoHeShan bus terminal. Walk up that side road (from LiuHe lu, again), til you get to the FIRST cross street going LEFT. Go up that side 'street', and you'll see it (easily) on the right after you cross the 'bridge' (there's a small creek under it). At the bridge (which is about 100m from that intersection where you turned left), look to 2 o'clock and you'll see a restaurant with glass doors - that's it! Again, LOTS of foreign students around, so you can ask if you get lost.
  3. Ok... how about - "she's not... anymore!" ???
  4. XiaoHeShan has a few middle-eastern type restaurants!!! I went to an Uzbeki restaurant called "Aladin" (sic) just the other day. Also, there is Sana'a - a Yemeni restaurant, a full Saudi restaurant only a few hundred meters from Sana'a (I forget the name of it, but it's a person's name), and another one I haven't tried called Hercules, only 100m from the other unnamed restaurant. I usually head over to Sana'a - nice food, good price, Barbican, saffron Arabic rice... yum yum yum!!! As for Wade's - I've already told you want I expect... PAVLOVA!!!! ::D :D :D (although, I can make it myself at home :D) How about Lasagne?? I think VY used to have it some years ago, no?? A good Risotto would also be nice!! Chicken and Mushroom. (but with good rice - not standard Chinese rice!) Waldorf Salad - apples, celery, walnuts, grapes in a (good, homemade) mayonnaise sauce. Potato and Bacon soup. And, please ORDER the kitchen staff to wash their hands after going to the loo! NO - not "in the kitchen" - in the bathroom, where we can see... cos It looks really really bad just seeing them walk out. I'm making this a public post, because I've told Wade & the managers MANY times... but it just doesn't seem to sink in....!
  5. Only rarely... or when I'm teaching... or examining..... the thing is, a person will NEVER achieve native-level like fluency in a language, because the native speakers just nod their heads and say "it's ok, I know what you mean:... So, we end up having these mistakes that we keep making, because no-one ever bothers to correct us! I was saying "washing washing" for months, before someone pointed out that it's not 'xi xi", but "xie xie". Everyone just smiled, nodded, and said "we know what you mean".
  6. Sorry I'm late to this party (I don't do Halloween... hahaha). What Dave mostly did right/write was to write in short, simple grammar sentences. Business emails should NOT contain long, grammatically complex structures - especially when communicating with non-native speakers (of whatever language you're writing in). This does mean that some sentences should be a paragraph on their own - as required. Each sentence should contain only ONE piece of information (because of NNSs). Try to write in chronological order of events, where possible. USE CORRECT GRAMMAR!!! (the letter in the download has mistakes! Not to mention, spelling mistakes!!)
  7. Then... you could wait til the next day to send one ......
  8. Yeah, that's what I was getting at. Of course, it would still be illegal if you don't pay tax on your earnings... However, that's just an amusing concept :p
  9. Ah, the one reason I refuse to go to the US... "you want to enter our country, you must be a criminal, so we'll treat you like one". (fingerprinting is ONLY legally required otherwise for citizens who are being arrested...). I would imagine that you would NEED to supply fresh prints. After all, how else do you guarantee that the person on that passport is REALLY the same person who did the degree??? Remember - this is for GOVERNMENT - not just the university...
  10. No, no experience of such. Though, I've been told about them - you need to do it through Skype or similar, so they see your face, and all. I'm dubious about them because of the chances for fraud.
  11. The Ole equivalent is BLT in Intime Pingshui lu. Unfortunately, it's not really good (only rates as 'ok' in my books). The name Ole was already taken, so.... (I got this info from one of the managers in a Shanghai Ole). There's also a new-ish import only place opened on XueYuan Lu - opposite the language testing centre, between TianMuShan Lu and HuangGuShan Lu/WenSan Lu.... again, not great (especially for what I buy). I think there's an import shop in the EAC complex. There are a number of threads on the various merits of each of the supermarkets mentioned.
  12. "I can speak ... English fluently. " No, you can't.....
  13. Depends on what you're doing here. If you're coming for a job, and you have qualifications - those also need to go through the same stages 2 & 3 - but you may find that your uni (presuming you had one) can do the DFAT bit (I've been told that some unis have this service - for free, even!!!) However, I'm not sure... The stamp I got on my degree (copy) looks more like a JP's True & Certified Copy rather than the DFAT authentication stamp..