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  1. As I'm sure many of you have experienced, finding good competent sales and marketing is very difficult. And the concept of 'initiative' is a complete unknown. I've had a 'professional' marketing person say they don't know how to contact a university to organise a seminar there... And the number of people who don't bother following up on leads is ridiculous!!! So, has anyone actually managed to find that incredibly rare breed of person who can actually do what they say they can? I'm in need of good people... not just people who say they're good
  2. Of course they're expensive! The international schools are the ones that pay teachers 20K or more per month, for ALL of their teachers (well, foreign teachers)... There are (or were) a couple of 'schools' that were located on the campuses of Chinese schools, but the CCP changed that not too long ago. Finding a cheap option for what you want won't be easy...
  3. In XiaoHeShan area, there are a number of Arabic restaurants... so, similar, but I can't say how much the same or what you're looking for. Because there's a large number of African students in the unis out there, they have to cater to them.
  4. It all depends on how much you value your time! Flying direct to HZ would mean getting out at XiaoShan airport, and either taxi or shuttle to the city. (unless you can get a pick-up). From the airport, it's about a 45 min trip. To Zheda, you may need to add a bit more (but not much). The shuttle bus costs 20RMB, and a taxi about 150RMB. Getting to the taxi or shuttle is only a few minutes walk. Flying to Shanghai gives you two main options if you're coming into Pudong (which is usually the international the terminal.... if you're entering via HongQiao, this advice will be different). (although, you could get a taxi for about 500RMB...). The first is the long-distance bus which will take about 3 hours to get you to HuangLong station - fairly close to Zheda. I forget the price... about 100RMB??.The bus station is fairly close to the terminal, but can be a PITA if you haven't been here before. Option two would be via metro & train... and here is where the different terminals come in! If you fly into Pudong (as I would expect) then you need to get to the metro, and take the short journey to an inter-change,, to then get on the other leg to the train station. that'll take about 1 hour (likely more!). then, you get to the HongQiao station to buy your train ticket, and then get your 1 hour train to HangzhouDong station, and then get to the metro (or taxi... that can be a 20-30min wait!) to get to Wulin Square, where you need to then get a taxi (or something) to get to your accommodation. However, if you're coming in via HongQiao terminal, then you skip the initial metro trip, as the train station is relatively convenient...being right next to the terminal. You still have to go through the other crap, but at least you don't have to do the 1 hour from Pudong. Honestly, my suggestions are - either fly direct to Hangzhou, OR do the really sane thing, and fly into Shanghai, stay in a hotel for a night or two to recover and look around, and then make your way down to Hangzhou. You mention a 120GBP price difference - which is about 1000RMB - which will EASILY get you a nice hotel (Marriott, Sheraton,... bath, large comfy bed, close to city centre, etc) for 1 night - and an ok one for 2 nights. Also consider - the 120GBP your quote is per person. The hotel room is per room. So, if you're couples (or, even if you're not), then it's probably a really good idea! (if you're not, just get double rooms - 2 beds!) Also - take into account the amount of gear your carrying.... 4 people with big bags will NOT fit into a taxi here! So, you're probably looking at 2 taxis at any time. You can get a van - but sort that out before you get here! Maybe even hire a chauffered limo... it will probably come out the same, and vastly more comfortable! (that's from Shanghai...)
  5. ummm. there's like 3000 or more foreign students in the XiaoHeShan area... just walk out the door! (and, I only reference foreign students, cos you're on an expat/foreign website!)
  6. So much necessary information missing from this OP... like which country was the 'transcript' from? Is it for a Bachelor's degree or what? What country are you from?
  7. And, to answer your question - yes, it happens! (not to me, yet, fortunately... but there are stories around on the net and China forums).
  8. You're in a Hangzhou forum. Hangzhou is NOT Shanghai. Therefore, the system referred to above does NOT (yet) apply for businesses in Hangzhou. If they're trying to get you to work in Hangzhou, but giving you a Shanghai Work Permit, you will be working here illegally (because, you won't be working for an employer that has the right to hire foreigners in Hangzhoui!) "I am coming from a third country, not my own. They will have applied for the visa, and gotten approval before I board the plane" Yeah... and pigs fly! What happens if you don't have that 'approval' before you board the plane? And, how will you know that they actually have that approval? Here's the official Shanghai PSB website - for all your Shanghai Resident Permit information (and, just to make things clear, here's their link to the 'information' page... If this is your first trip to China, get used to this... ). so - the ultimate question is - are you working in Shanghai, or in Hangzhou?
  9. RUN!!! As fast as you can!!!! Meaning - if your 'employer' isn't organising the visa and doing all the paperwork before you get here, I'd question the legitimacy of any 'employer' expecting you to do this! As you can see in the above, the Visa on Arrival is ONLY for a short stay, WITH an onward ticket. It is NOT meant to allow entry prior to employment.
  10. Hi Brenda, and welcome. Where are you studying? There are a number of other Tanzanian students out my way, in XiaoHeShan.
  11. Normally, you can only send a maximum of $500USD per time, as a non-Chinese. Chinese people do not have this limitation!
  12. Sure... but I don't get over towards FengQi very often... I'm WAY out west...
  13. I find that Taobao - with JD and others on there - while in Chinese, are still fairly easy to navigate. They usually have the specs in English (and, often, a jpg of the English promotion materials for the products). Failing that, if you have a translation program (including just using Baidu Fanyi), you can C&P the bits of Chinese relevant to various stats... such as making sure you're looking at L3 cache rather than video ram. One problem that Taobao and its ilk to have - often there are different prices listed for what appears to be the same machine - those are the various upgrades you can get with it... usually HDD, but sometimes RAM or even video card. HK is much easier all around....
  14. Hi Namarie... A bit late, but maybe better than never. Firstly, I presume you are fully aware that you will be paid significantly less than what the agent gets - yes? In all likelihood, the agent will get paid around 11-14K per month for you, while you'll only get about 7K. If you're happy with this arrangement, then remember that, and don't complain if you hear about how much the agent makes. (ps, if you do say something, then they'll tell you how much they paid in expenses like your visa, etc... that's complete crap!!! Your visa costs about 2K (max), and probably as low as only 500). Are they paying for your accommodation? In Huzhou, it should only be around 1500/month for something you'd be willing to live in (1500 in downtown Hangzhou would be seriously skanky!) Advice? Always remember that Hangzhou and Shanghai aren't too far away.... ("what benefits should i be looking at" ...Friends? )
  15. What he said... sort of! There are 'wet markets' around, which sell fresh meat, veg and fruit. Usually, next to or near those are a stack of shops that sell other household gear - rice-cookers, mops, brooms, all that sort of basic stuff. Those are just individual shops owned my mum & dad (and sometimes son and daughter) - so they're much more keen to make a sale. All of the above can be haggled... but don't expect to be getting rich out of the savings. You DO need to do some shopping around just to get general ideas of prices (especially if prices aren't clearly displayed on the individual goods - those above may well include a foreigner tax!!!) Obviously, ANY shop in a tourist district, selling the souvenirs etc, can be haggled - because their prices are ridiculously high to begin with!!!