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  1. I find that Taobao - with JD and others on there - while in Chinese, are still fairly easy to navigate. They usually have the specs in English (and, often, a jpg of the English promotion materials for the products). Failing that, if you have a translation program (including just using Baidu Fanyi), you can C&P the bits of Chinese relevant to various stats... such as making sure you're looking at L3 cache rather than video ram. One problem that Taobao and its ilk to have - often there are different prices listed for what appears to be the same machine - those are the various upgrades you can get with it... usually HDD, but sometimes RAM or even video card. HK is much easier all around....
  2. Hi Namarie... A bit late, but maybe better than never. Firstly, I presume you are fully aware that you will be paid significantly less than what the agent gets - yes? In all likelihood, the agent will get paid around 11-14K per month for you, while you'll only get about 7K. If you're happy with this arrangement, then remember that, and don't complain if you hear about how much the agent makes. (ps, if you do say something, then they'll tell you how much they paid in expenses like your visa, etc... that's complete crap!!! Your visa costs about 2K (max), and probably as low as only 500). Are they paying for your accommodation? In Huzhou, it should only be around 1500/month for something you'd be willing to live in (1500 in downtown Hangzhou would be seriously skanky!) Advice? Always remember that Hangzhou and Shanghai aren't too far away.... ("what benefits should i be looking at" ...Friends? )
  3. What he said... sort of! There are 'wet markets' around, which sell fresh meat, veg and fruit. Usually, next to or near those are a stack of shops that sell other household gear - rice-cookers, mops, brooms, all that sort of basic stuff. Those are just individual shops owned my mum & dad (and sometimes son and daughter) - so they're much more keen to make a sale. All of the above can be haggled... but don't expect to be getting rich out of the savings. You DO need to do some shopping around just to get general ideas of prices (especially if prices aren't clearly displayed on the individual goods - those above may well include a foreigner tax!!!) Obviously, ANY shop in a tourist district, selling the souvenirs etc, can be haggled - because their prices are ridiculously high to begin with!!!
  4. "Friend" and "improve English" do NOT go together in any respectful way!
  5. Hi GW (Junior or Senior?) Where are you from? Godsland? Synicney? Melboured? ;p (actually, I liked my time in Melb... even the weather wasn't too bad!) So, you're going to do some flirting hey? Which gender are you? And which do you prefer to do your flirting towards?
  6. "For westerners, being loyal, or monogamous, IS a very serious step." I disagree. I think that really comes down to the sort of person one is. I would say, for the majority of people, that once one is in a 'relationship' (even one as simple as 'boyfriend/girlfriend') then the idea of loyalty is usually implicit - or at least, expected... even if the relationship isn't particularly 'serious' (ie, expecting to lead to marriage or permanence). That's why we have different words for various levels of relationships... from one-night stands, to casual sex, to FWB, to 'dating'.., to, to... partners, fiance and spouse. I, personally, don't think that 'boyfriend/girlfriend' is 'serious'... these come and go. And breaking up from this stage is hurtful, but not particularly devastating (like long-term partners, spouses, etc). @Chen - yes, I generalised. But, if one doesn't use generalisations, then most questions become pointless, as they're always case by case basis. However, it is true that the majority of Chinese girls intend to be married by the time they're 30. (and, frankly, the ones that don't care about this are MUCH better to be with!!!) Humans like to complicate things. They also have great difficulty in accepting responsibility (and the consequences of their actions). They also tend not to change - unless they are given a big/good enough reason to do so - a reason that is usually unique to that individual (what's important enough for me will not be important enough for you). People would rather die than change (look at smokers... and habitual cheaters). Often it takes hitting rock bottom. However, It's also true that many people completely misjudge what's truly important to them - and are willing to draw lines in the sand far too often (contrary to what seems to be popular opinion now, this phrase refers to the idea that the line will quickly be washed away - not one that actually means much) . It's also difficult (and usually futile) to try to change someone into something that you want - the person in your head. People usually resent this, and it will lead to a break-up, or at the very least, resentment and hostility (usually over something else). People also fear letting go. Breaking up. The possibility of being 'alone' (ie, not getting any). They tolerate behaviours that they would tell other people not to accept. Fear of loss and separation (and emotion). They're ALWAYS much worse when going through it. And, as we all know, we DO come through it, and get on with our lives. You're being unhappy with his disloyalty is NOT his rock bottom... If he's going to be leaving soon, you have virtually no chance of expecting him to be monogamous with you. If you have accepted it (forgiven), it also suggests that your line in the sand was washed away, and you've capitulated for comfort's sake (do you want loyalty, or do you want him?) I'm going to take a stab here, and suggest that if you want 'serious', then you'll also want someone who is 'spiritual'. Someone who at least understands where you're coming from with regards to life. (I'm reminded of a girl who recently expressed unhappiness with her good-looking boyfriend - and I made the point that it only takes a few months of intense gym-work to get a great body, but getting a great personality is MUCH more difficult!) The other thing you need to consider is, again, time. Many guys will be 'loyal' to their girlfriend from a fairly short period of time (but, be aware that it may mean a break-up not long after). Loyalty does NOT equal serious (in the sense that all issues need to be 'fixed' rather than just ending it). These things are usually not discussed... humans think this complicates things, or makes them responsible... it doesn't! But, what YOU really NEED to do is sort out your priorities! What is REALLY important to you?
  7. There's a new hole in the wall off TianMuShan near Zheda's Yuquan north gate (up the alley that leads to TMS) that does some nice Italian foods... includng pizza and calzone (BIG!!!) They also do sandwiches on ciabatta! Nice, and pretty cheap too! Staff (1 guy and 1 girl) are also quite friendly (basically no English though - which is no problem - you just may not be able to make suggestions :p)
  8. "transfering my teaching skills in Britain to a school in Hangzhou" Bwahahahaaaa...... yeah, that's funny! Well, ok.. you haven't said what you're teaching, nor what school you're going to... but, in general, don't get your hopes up! I worked at the provinces #2 university, in an overseas co-op program (2+2), and NONE of the students were up to scratch (out of 125) Maybe about 5 might be with some help in about another 6 months... Anyway... in relation to your last line... there's a pretty good sci-fi expat crowd here (depending on what you mean... lots of geeks :p) Games? Depends which type you mean. On Wednesday night there's a games group that meets up at Wade's Wensan for a few hours of eating, drinking, chatting, pool... and sometimes someone will put up a game... Before Wade's moved (and changed name) we had about 60 games in storage. Some of these have a sci-fi bent. And the group (about half a dozen of slightly more regular) regularly buy new games (after checking out Some are more avid pc gamers too (of course), though there's always the time factor. I'll try to add you to wechat... naturally! BE well.
  9. I hope you have more luck here than on ECC...
  10. "What makes a relationship a serious one?" Easy - time! Firstly, understand that relationships all over the world have issues and problems due to culture. You obviously do, but don't yet get just what those differences are when it comes to 'western' men. And, that's partly because you've already created this box called 'western', into which all non-Asian or African men (people) fall into... instead of realising that Americans are different to Spaniards, who are different to Venzualans who are are different to Australians... Secondly, although this will be a generalisation, I think it fits you at least... many Chinese girls have this idea that every boyfriend (if they're hetero) will be their last boyfriend, and that's the guy they will marry. Many of us who come from other cultures do not think like this. and that's where the time comes in. A Chinese girl might start thinking a relationship is 'serious' (meaning, leading to marriage) in a MUCH shorter time period than the non-Chinese guy... and, if she starts getting like this (aka 'clingy') then the guy is quite likely going to walk away. And, what could have been a long-term serious relationship has just ended early because of this presumption. In general, most non-Chinese don't start even considering marriage until the couple has been a 'real' couple for at least 6 months (and, that's still a very short time). Many won't even consider the 'M' word for at least 2 years (of living together...which is usually about a year after dating/bf/gf). And, don't forget the other huge issue when getting involved with a Chinese girl - she doesn't come alone (most of the time). A guy never marries just the girl - he's got her family to contend with as well. And this is a HUGE deal breaker to many guys! (granted, it's a deal-breaker for Chinese as well, as I'm sure we've all heard tales of the mother (usually) who tells their child that the person they're dating isn't good enough and that they need to break up with them...If I was with a girl like that, I'd break up with her!!! ). Also, another basic generalisation... many Chinese girls (and also girls/women in many other countries) see sex as something directly connected to emotions and intimacy... which leads to significance. Many guys don't. Sex is something that is (hopefully) a good feeling, but doesn't actually mean anything other than just a good time. So, if you have a girl who thinks having sex means being in a serious relationship, and the guy doesn't, then you'll have problems. You mention guys who are here for only a short time... then the logical question is - why date them if you're after something longer term. Either you're willing to end the relationship when it's time for him to go... or your hoping he changes his mind for you. Obviously, such things do work out, and some couples will try to make it work (and even get married, and even are happy afterwards). But, statistically, it's not likely to happen. And... if you actually are after something long term, is it really a smart idea to hope it will go that way? Even bigger question - are you willing to deal with the emotional consequences if it doesn't? Perhaps one last consideration. I think non-Chinese guys here are after 'the one' to marry. They'd like to think that the girl they're marrying is the perfect (within a certain definition) girl for him. I think, however, that many Chinese girls aren't after Mr Right, but will take Mr Good Enough. There's this deep, ingrained idea that they need to be married (before turning 30), and that it will be all love and roses and romance... sorry, relationships are rarely like that. So, it's more important for the girl to be married, than who she's married to. Personally, I think that's a sucky way to be!
  11. Wen Yi lu - just up the road from you - usually has places available. And, if you want to spend a lot of money, there are other places you could go - Oakwood, Legend City, etc.
  12. HI all. As one may expect in the 'Teaching: Hangzhou' category, this is a job post looking for GOOD teachers of English for a new school that's opening. The main focus is on kids (cos it's a booming industry) and IELTS (because this city finally needs a GOOD school to teach this). So, we're looking for individuals to teach small groups of kids (no, not the 20+ 'classes' you get in kindergartens), mostly evenings and weekends (of course). You will need to have the right personality to teach these kids, as well as the right skills, knowledge, and importantly, accent! While we are not averse to having non-native English speakers, we WILL be listening closely. (I was a certified IELTS examiner, and the main partner is American..). You will be required to TEACH... so, we don't want singing dancing monkeys... white or otherwise. We know that teaching kids can be very stressful, and takes real talent.. and so you will be paid appropriately - at a rate that IS higher than usual in this city! We are located close to Hangzhou Tower. As teachers ourselves, we know what it's like to work here, and will try our best to ensure you don't have to suffer the crap that you often read about on forums. We will try to be fair, and will stick up for your as appropriate. You will be given respect as due an educator (and a real person!) We DO have the legal right to employ foreigners! Please send me a PM with an attached MP3 or similar audio file telling me about you - your background, current situation in HZ, teaching experience, etc. Failure to read the previous sentence, understand it, and comply - and instead posting a reply such as "I'm interested, please send me more information" WILL BE IGNORED.
  13. There's obviously lots of calls for English corners, and there are the occasional Chinese corners... and HUNDREDS of calls for language exchange. But, are there any other language corners around for both learning/improving language skills, and for proficient speakers to just catch up and feel so much more at ease by being able to just chat and be understood easily? Louis at Revaud is going to have French Corner (so I've been told) ... but my French sucks (sounds bad, and very few words/phrases). I'd like to be more involved in other languages though, especially (for me) Spanish, Italian and Russian (although, I'd like to get competent in German as well. I'm sure there are many in this city who would like the opportunity to talk to Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Swahili, etc etc etc....
  14. What branch of TCM are you referring to? Any and all? Or something specific? Also, TCM has quite a few different trains of thought - competing theories for diagnosis and therefore treatment. As far as branches, there's 'herbal' medicine (including Tiger penis, etc.. but also more basic stuff) and diet; Acupuncture and associated techniques (cupping, moxibustion, scrapping, tapping, etc); exercise (Taiqi, Qigong, and the like). For the theories, there's the basic Yin/Yang & directions (internal, external, up, down, etc); Five Elements, ZangFu (Internal Organs); 6 Pernicious Influences/ Conditions (Cold, Heat, Fire, Wind,Damp, etc); or meridian therapy. So, just asking about TCM opens up a HUGE kettle....and lots of arguments. (eg, how much effort is required to achieve a result? Mainland Chinese acupuncture can be brutal, whereas Japanese needling can be so light that the needle will just fall out (and, yet, you'll still see the qi flow!) The UK tends towards 5 Elements theory, while the rest of Europe focuses on the Pernicious Influences and organs. And then, there's the Barefoot Doctor mentality.... you have a headache, you use these points... very little differential diagnosis. (this is different to using particular points because they're actually GOOD... some headaches you'd use ZuSanLi, others TaiChong...but virtually ALL headaches you'd needle HeGu). FYI... I studied acupuncture back in Australia. I know this doesn't help out a lot, but maybe a little...
  15. "basiacally being from SA puts me in no position to judge nor do I care where youre from" Shenme????? PM sent.. I've known some Bear people... but I don't think they're there anymore. Americans and farts... OMG - the worst I ever met was one who RAVED about how great the USofA is... and then asked me about which uni I went to... he was fishing, and so I asked him about his... "*I* went to Harvard" snooty snoot.... biggest wanker I've ever met! (but, my other American friends did say that they hate those types that make them all look bad...). Is it possible to have a universe where there are no hypotheticals?