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  1. Was it just you and Ali? If so, wouldn't that make things so much easier? :p
  2. It's on the other side of the planet....
  3. Hi Mengan,,, where in Oz are you from?
  4. Where are you, and how far are you willing to travel? XiaoHeShan has a few restaurants that have hookah (to cater the the many international students from the Middle East and North Africa).
  5. One unit over and down had what appeared to be a red setter... at first, locked in a cage all day... :( There are a few other large dogs being kept as well.... I think it's the "oh, they're so cute... let's get one" mentality, with NO idea how to really look after a pet, and the understanding that they are a RESPONSIBILITY!!!!
  6. There is (or was, a few years ago) an indoor rock-climbing place on Jiaogong lu, in one of the universities... (actually, it might just be outdoor, but artificial...)
  7. TBH - that's what I'd suggest anyway! Especially since, if you've just downloaded it, you'll need to do all the registration stuff... which is in Chinese! Oh, btw, down near the central train station (ie, not East) there's a 'Seely posturepedic" shop/mall.... probably WAaaY beyond what you want to be spending for your short time here.. but you never know! (and, no, I've never actually gone inside)
  8. Good Work Jeb & Jake. For others on here (particularly newer members), let me say that the mods do tend to be reasonably quick when notified... certainly MUCH faster than on other forums I visit! However.... that git's posts are still open... I suggest a bit of clean-up is in order.... (ie, deletion/edit)
  9. Good to hear! :Looks like some people here were wrong..... (and, FTR, I didn't post cos I had no idea how things would stand... this ain't my country, ain't my laws!)
  10. By 'programs' do you mean software or face to face classes? ChinesePod isn't too bad. And I liked using PImsleur.
  11. Seriously???? I haven't been around to too many other countries in Asia, but in some regards, China totally sucks!
  12. Hi Jenny. This forum is technically for expats - long or short term... so international students are more than welcome! :)
  13. This may not be the answer you are looking for, but... Taobao has relatively cheap (200-400RMB) mattresses that aren't too bad. And can be on your bed within 2 days. Option B (which I did for a while) is an air-mattress (taobao again for about 120-140RMB - only go for Intex.. the others suck!).
  14. Actually, most forners who come here who aren't students at a university (and, quite a lot who are!) do rent their own apartments. We need to... even if the employers offer up free accommodation, there's usually a condition attached (such as it being sucky, or hours of ingress/egress... or who you can and can't have in your apartment ...
  15. Ummm - firstly, you're presuming the ambulance people will speak sufficient English to understand, AND they'd co-operate (rather than, say, just take someone to the closest hospital! Secondly, the guy said he was unconscious!!! And, then in a coma for a few days!