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  1. You had to get your health check authenticated??? WTF? Q: what do you mean by 'diploma'? In Australia, a 'diploma' is a very specific level of qualification - not a generic piece of paper. ie, we don't have a 'high school diploma'. It comes between the Certificate IV and the Advanced Diploma (after which is the Bachelor degree). Also, the only real difference between your version and the Aus version is basically that it needs to go to the capital city for authentication by a gov department. Everything else was (or could be) basically the same.
  2. Looks a bit darker yellow than what I'm used to....
  3. Yeah, I'd really trust that!!!
  4. He was saying - no-one expressed any form of appreciation! Only 1 upvote, and the OP didn't even bother to come back to thank him for it! I didn't comment or upvote, because it's American.... some of what's written is purely for Americans, and does not apply to other countries in the world (which do actually exist :p) It's well-written, but slightly inaccurate (although, sort of irrelevantly).
  5. Yeah, you'll need to have both done :( Cos, you know, China knows better than the rest of the world, and we foreigners lie a lot and can't be trusted... especially anything official!
  6. What should have been asked up front is - why would a Canadian come to China to study law?? Chinese law, and the rest of the world law, are going to be quite different! (and why does it take 4 years to learn "to win a case, you need X amount in the hongbao"?)
  7. Panadol is basically paracetamol (unless you want the Extra). Panadol is also a brand name, not the chemical... Yes, you can get paracetamol OTC from any pharmacy. In Chinese, 对乙酰氨基酚 (dui yi xian an ji fen). Be aware that most that I've seen are compounded with aspirin and caffeine... Bayer is one brand I've noticed, but there's also Chinese-made. You will NOT get Panadol Extra OTC... in fact, you won't get ANY codeine product OTC, unless it's in a cough syrup (and even then, maybe not).
  8. Are you referring to just Ningbo University? Or the co-op program with Nottingham university? If you could get the co-op program, I'd suggest that - but not sure what they offer.
  9. Depends where you are, and how far you're willing to travel. BLT has an ok bread range of various types. Paris Baguette is a chain store, and not really that great. Revaud is up near WenSan Lu, WangTang lu kou.. Louis is it's owner, and yes, he's actually French. He doesn't seem to do as much with loaves of bread, as it's more of a patisserie rather than bakery. He's got a wechat group for other things he does.
  10. That's just silly! In Aus, we have the GST, and it is required by law that the price shown includes GST - so often, the price is shown, with the dollar value of the GST in brackets after it.
  11. Ok, my bad. Current prices (for what I'm looking for, at least) have a 25% difference between US and China... but then, I'm only looking at MSI, a Taiwanese manufacturer. And 25% was an online price - not shop.
  12. If you go to that store, please tell us the specs and prices you're seeing there...
  13. I've tried a few of them.... I used to have ICBC and it wasn't too bad, until crap happened! An overseas transfer just ... disappeared! A few days later, when I'm in the bank to bitch to the manager, and them saying "we don't know where the money is", it showed up in the account! The fact they didn't know was really really bad! China Merchant's Bank... not too bad as well, English speaking staff floating around to help with transactions etc. But, they lied to me, so I stopped using them (granted, the lie probably came from higher up, and they were just passing it along). Also, it took weeks, mutlipile trips to different branches, to finally find out that they no longer linked up to Paypal! Bank of China I haven't bothered with for years... there was never any great imperative to do so, nor to stay with them. I'm currently using Agricultural Bank of China, and so for, no real complaints. I have net banking (in both English and Chinese - but for some reason, I can't pay bills through the English version.... fortunately, I know where the links are, and can read/remember enough to get the payments done in the Chinese version). I used to use them for Paypal, but haven't done so recently.
  14. Hi Valeria. Why do you have a German flag under your name? What's your PhD in?? Apartment always depends on what you want, where, how much, etc...
  15. 2hours?? WTF? No. It's 45mins to Huang Long (bus terminal and near a few places). 1 hour to get to Wulin Square/ Hangzhou Tower. Wulin is only 10 mins to further 'downtown', or less by metro (and the metro station is 20 meters from the bus stop). It might be 2 hours is really bad peak hour traffic...Normal peak hour traffic will be 1:30. I'm not on campus - I have a flat nearby. Price is much cheaper than closer to the city (where you're asking for), but I still have most things (though, it's a bit further for shopping... fortunately, if you only do that once or twice a week, it's not a problem - cos it's on the bus route). And, I'm not much of one for living in cities... I prefer to be closer to nature (and space... I'm an Aussie! Living in an apartment is cramped for me). But from my balcony, I can see hills and trees, and know I can be walking in those hills within 10 minutes (literally!) I also don't drink a lot, and am not a socialite... We have quite a few restaurants in the area, including a few that the rest of the city doesn't seem to have . There's an 'Indian' restaurant nearby (although, Chinese chef), and Uzbek/Turkish/. And a couple of other Arabic restaurants (goo, fairly inexpensive, food!!!) Others on this forum will come on and tell you how bad it is out this way (cos they need that socialising thing. There aren't any good bars out here (nor good cafes... but then, there aren't any 'good' ones anywhere in HZ) We are 20 minutes from Sam's Club - one of the better supermarkets we can go to (like Aldi) - but it still sucks for cheese!!!!