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  1. He will be following me here but under different circumstances and I have been employed as a single person. This isn't my first International job or my first job in an Asian country - and every country I've lived in I have heard "This is (insert country here). The university option is an interesting one, and will be kept as an alternative, and since he already has a Masters from a British University, maybe he can go for his PhD! Thanks for the input.
  2. We face racism here and in another language, so we understand it. We have researched what he needs to get done to be in China. It has been difficult for him to get a job here with his Masters degree, so it no be small challenge in China as well. Thank you for your input.
  3. I don't think using the term setup for failure is a positive one. As it is we are exploring many options and I have already received my answers from the relevant people. Registered partnerships do not exist in the UAE where we met. We are from two different countries living in a country that's not our own. We know how systems work internationally. Interesting that you picked that part of my topic and nothing else. We're more concerned with decent food, bars and things to do than paperwork, we're survivors of Arab and Asian bureaucracies, nothing scares us.
  4. Hello, I have been offered a teaching job in Hangzhou to begin in August. I will be coming from living in the UAE for 4 years but living overseas for 9 years (so not an International living newbie) and I will be working as a teacher. Just wanted to ask about access to western style hairdressing, expat hangouts and the availability for my partner to find a job. He has a Master's degree in Human Resources management but is willing to look for other opportunities even teaching English for adults if he cannot find anything in his field. Anyone had experience living as a committed but technically unmarried couple in China? Anyone had experience living as a mixed race couple in China? I'm from Australia and he is from Nigeria. In the UAE both of these 'circumstances' are met with mixed reactions especially the unmarried part - which is never mentioned because it's illegal!