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  1. Hey! I’m Shannon. A Canadian who’s lived in China many years but just arrived to Hangzhou. Definitely interested to make friends with expats around the city. Anyways, I’m trying to get some new people together for dinner and drinks next week, if you’re interested you can send me a message. Have an awesome day everyone!
  2. Shannonmac1977

    Binjiang F&B

    Hey folks, I’m living in Binjiang and feeling the F&B fade for finding decent options. It seems like many places are few and far between AND either open at 6 or 7pm or are closing - Ie: Shares Bar and Outback at Powerlong. If anyone knows some gems, please do share! I’m a 9-5 working type so would normally like an after work bite and a pint before going home or a weekend brunch type place. Blue Frog at Tian Jie seems like the winning option at the moment. They are probably getting tired of seeing me.