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  1. My son is almost 4 years old now, but it is always good to make more good friends.
  2. Sayhi Chinese summer intensive Chinese course is opened, welcome to consult.
  3. 63、思海汉语课堂第六十三讲,关于变和换。很多外国学生会混用这两个字。 其实我们可以说变是一个事物发生的事情,而换是两个事物。比如说我们可以说人变了,但我们说换钱。 In Sayhi Chinese class, we learned two words Bian and Huan, both of them means change. Students often get confused by them. Actually, bian is for one object, the object or person itself's change. But for bian, it is for two things, exchange them. Author: grace from Sayhi Chinese
  4. Calligraphy is an important part of Chinese culture, Sayhi Chinese is going to teach you calligraphy this Sun. We will introduce you what wen fang four treasures are and how to use them in ancient China. Chinese Etiquette is Chinese traditional trait. As confucious said: we must learn how to be a good person before we start to do things. Sayhi will introduce you some daily etiquette from Zhou li, LiYi and LiJi. Let's learn some real Chinese traditional culture. Host: Sayhi Chinese Fee and Number: RMB15 per person for using brush pen, paper and ink. Only 12 people can join the event. Notice: wear something dark in case you get ink on yourself. Transportation: bus to xing guang da dao nan kou, star ave in binjiang. 雪峰银座1501. Date: From 2pm on Mar 12th.( this Sunday,the event lasts 2 hours) Registration: 0571-8885 9296
  5. In Sayhi Chinese class, we noticed this interesting words. scramble egg and fried egg,xihongshi chao jidan ,well, tomato friend with eggs. In chinese , fry is chao, we use this way cook a lot. However scrambled egg actually the way eggs look.大家注意下炒蛋和煎蛋,炒蛋但是成了碎片,而煎蛋蛋只是被打坏,但是里面还是一个整理,学习的时候要注意,特别是要做中国菜的时候。
  6. 最近一些学生在备考HSK5,我们学到一段话大家都觉得特别有道理。 知识两个字我始终认为它是要分开来谈的,知就是知感,识就是认识。所谓知感就是别人告诉你、说给你听、要求你记住的那一部分。但只有这一部分是不够的,还要有认识、思考。 Recently some studnets are preparing for HSK5 at Sayhi chinese school, we learned a paragragh which makes sense. We should understand zhi shi separately, zhi shi zhi gan, shi is ren shi. As zhi gan is to tell people to remember the things other people tell you. shi is to know it and think about it. 孔子说: 学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆讲的就是这个道理。 xue er bu si ze wang, si er bu xue ze dai. It is no use that learning without thinking, if we only think but without leaning new things is the same. (vice versa)
  7. If you are still in hangzhou, Sayhi Chinese still has some intensive course.
  8. Hello, where are you in hangzhou? I am in binjiang, the other mom is in tourist center, your baby might be too little, but we'd happy to share our experience and advice if it is convenience for all of us.
  9. Hi!

    I was just about to send a similar post to everyone, when I saw your post. I know that it has been a while since you wrote this, but if you are still interested, pls send me a message to my account and let me know in which part of Hangzhou you live. We live in the tea hills and have a 2 year old daughter that is starting to really need to be more with other children. I am from Czech Republic and my husband is from the US. Our daughter is walking no problem and talks quite a bit: English, Czech and some Chinese. She likes to be especially with kids that are older, so your son being a little older wouldn't matter. I am very happy to be the main person looking after her, but need a break sometimes to get things done at home and to have some rest, so having an exchange like this would be wonderful. We would need to see first how our children and we get along. 

    Let me know about your location and feel free to ask any questions about us and our daughter. 

    1. xiaozi


      Hi, I will PM my contact information, we can meet. My son is going to nursery in Sep, it is also great to have kids spend time together. 

  10. Great news-------Chinese Corner in Binjiang on one Sunday every month Are you eager to find a chance to practise your Chinese after class or work? It’s time to join in our Chinese corner once a month. If you are new to our Corner, here is a quick summary of how far we have come. If you have attended before or are our present or past students, keep reading along because we are unveiling a pleasant surprise for this activity! Chinese Corner forces you to improve your language skills through discussion and practical applications in a no-pressure environment.At the beginning of each session,everyone gives a brief introduction in Chinese, then our host teacher teaches some useful words that you will actually use in daily conversation about this topic ,and then have participants get into groups and discuss topics relevant to the topic we provide every time. What is more, our host will correct the mistakes participants made and gave instructions about how to express it better. At last, every person says something( can be funny or forgettable) about the topic according to your own experience. Topic: How to make friends Sunday, 3pm-5pm,April 17th outdoor, we will inform the exact adress one week before we hold it every month. Adress for this time: Xianghu. We call can leave from star ave,binjiang or go there by yourself directly. Price: Free Organizers: Sayhi Chinese Note: If you’d like to have beverages or snacks, please bring your own snacks or water; If you want to eat dinner with other people in Chinese corner, feel free to do it afterwards.
  11. Are you thirty for a short break after working hard in the city? Do you make your weekend plans for April 9th? Are you longing to experience traditional chinese tea culture? If so,next week we are going to make it come ture. April 9th experiencing tea culture(study tea-making art while listening to zither in a beautiful village). You are going to experience something unique and amazing. Chinese tea art expert is going to show and teach us how to make different kinds of tea and we are going to taste tea while a zither teacher entertains. Activities: 1、Tea expert teaches us how to make different kinds of tea . 2、Participants make tea. 3、Participants taste tea while a zither teacher entertains Meet up at 1pm on April 9th at Star ave to Shuangling village.Activity time: Sat from 1pm-5pm Price: RMB150/Person( marketing price is at least RMB200) Registration ends April 8. How to register: [please send me private message for my contact information] 1、 Full name 2 、Nationality 3 、Contact number Preferred payment methods include Alipay, Wechat, Bank Transfer.
  12. This positon is filled, one more teacher in Binjiang is needed, if you are interested in this job, please contact me through PM. Thanks! Only native English speaker please, students require it.
  13. Hello all, We need an English teacher in Linping area. the last stop of Metro Line 1. Students are adults. Hourly fee is RMB200, it is negotiable, depends on your experience. Class time is in one day late afternoon of the weekdays. Requirement: native English speaker and experienced in teaching English, the ability to communicate with adults in different fields. ability to teach some professional English. If you are interested in this, please PM here. We will decide before next Monday. Thanks!