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  1. xiaozi

    2 years old kids play date in Binjiang

    I have a 5 years and 9 months old kid, please PM me if you want to meet in binjiang.
  2. Sayhi Chinese, I will PM you contact information.
  3. Hi Amanda, You can watch English movies on aiqiyi, a Chinese website, but it is old English movies. If you are interested in learning Chinese, there are many Chinese movies and programs on that site.I have been teaching Chinese to foreigners in hangzhou for 8 years after staying in the US. For apartment hunting, it depends on where your job is and what kind of area you prefer to live in. downtown has more things, other districts are nice and quiet.
  4. xiaozi

    New and lost in HZ

    I just met a nice person last week from Australia, also an architect. Welcome you come to Sayhi Chinese's Chinese corner to meet other expats.
  5. Hi Sean, Welcome to my Chinese corner this Sat at 2pm.
  6. xiaozi

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    Next time anyone has this kind of accident,better to go to private hospitals or big ones. Like Shao yifu, zhejiang first or second hospital. They have doctors who can speak good English there.
  7. Free Chinese corner/ practice is offered on Sat afternoon from 2pm. If you are interested, please PM me to apply for it. Address is in Binjiang by star ave, xue feng yin zoo 1501.
  8. Nihao Jason! I studied in America 8 years ago and met a lot of nice people there. I have been teaching Chinese for more than 10 years. Hangzhou is a nice city, above suggestions covered almost everything you need to know before your departure. You may experience culture shock after you come, China is totally different from western countries and developed a lot than before, you will meet many nice people,so don't worry, you will enjoy your stay here. Let me know if you need language help, I am always wiling to do it.
  9. xiaozi

    Chinese Learning Stories

    Sayhi Chinese class: 今天的汉语课上学生讲了一个笑话,Is your fridge running? yes. then come on, catch it. 这里就是语言的差异引起的笑话。 在中文里我们说工作,运作,说明这个东西没有坏,还可以工作。英文里run除了这个意思,还有经营也有跑的意思。 In today's sayhi Chinese class, a student told me a joke. He asked: is your fridge running? I answered: sure. Then he said, come on, you'd better catch it. haha then I realized what he meant. This is a joke from language difference, in Chinese, we say something is gong zoo or yun zuo, it means it can work, it is not out of work. But run has many meanings in English. Author: Grace from Sayhi Chinese
  10. xiaozi

    2 years old kids play date in Binjiang

    My son is almost 4 years old now, but it is always good to make more good friends.
  11. Sayhi Chinese summer intensive Chinese course is opened, welcome to consult.
  12. xiaozi

    Chinese Learning Stories

    63、思海汉语课堂第六十三讲,关于变和换。很多外国学生会混用这两个字。 其实我们可以说变是一个事物发生的事情,而换是两个事物。比如说我们可以说人变了,但我们说换钱。 In Sayhi Chinese class, we learned two words Bian and Huan, both of them means change. Students often get confused by them. Actually, bian is for one object, the object or person itself's change. But for bian, it is for two things, exchange them. Author: grace from Sayhi Chinese