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  1. emmkitty

    SALE (ebike, guitar, speakers and many more)

    Hello dear. How can I contact you?
  2. emmkitty

    decent supermarket

    Thank you fity fit. Sam's Club is too far from where I live. But Ive been meaning to go there. But it is not easy when you have a hyper active daughter like mine. You should also check that wechat account. They do a really good job.
  3. emmkitty

    decent supermarket

    Someone sent me a private message asking about the wechat account I buy my meat from. Unfortunately the reply button does not seem to be working on my phone. Yes it is imported meat. Good quality of steak. My daughter who barely ate meat now eats a lot of meat. The wechat id is thefreshhut
  4. emmkitty

    decent supermarket

    Metro is alright. I buy my spices and other things for my daughter there. But as for meat some Chinese colleagues told me Metro had a meat scandal in some city in China. But with almost every news here, you cannot find it anywhere on the internet. But it is all good now. I was introduced to a wechat account. Very satisfied. Great quality of meat. Also fast delivery. Usually 1 day. Thank you Zheng.
  5. emmkitty

    decent supermarket

    Edit: Like I wrote below I finally found a nice place to buy meat.Am having a few texting asking where.Add wechat ID thefreshhut Hey guys Am desperately tryin to find some decent supermarket around. For meat like beef and seafood. My friend ordered some stuff from online.Think from feels or fields.am not too sure but boy was I disappointed.Damn too expensive and I also doubt the quality. Thank you xxx