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  1. mountainman

    Motorcycle driving license requirements

    Hi! Does anyone have a definitive answer on what type of electrical motorcycle can be driven without a Chinese driver's license in Hangzhou? Also, can a motorcycle driving license be obtained on a 30 day business visa? Thx!
  2. mountainman

    Indoor Volleyball Hangzhou

    Hi! Would also like to play some volleyball or basketball. Cheers, Andreas (from Switzerland)
  3. mountainman

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    Also open for BinJiang meet :-)
  4. mountainman

    **Ipad2017 selling**

    Still available?
  5. mountainman

    SOLD Merida Mens Bike For Sale - now 300rmb

    Is it oversized? Still available?
  6. mountainman

    Board game groups?

    Hi! Is the board game group still happening? Would love to join. Andy
  7. mountainman

    Going hiking on weekends. photography.

    Hi, I'm interested in getting to know the area and hiking routes. Let me know when/if you want to go outdoors :-) Andy