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  1. blacknmiddlekingdom

    Moving this August to Hangzhou Fuyang

    Ha haha.Seriously, oh man, I guessed I shouldn't have smacked Miss Hong's 3rd grade class, the old lady at the grocery or the disabled man at the bus stop. Geez! I'm such a mo. True, but I do remember eating lunch with a few of the elementary teachers out in BFNW. So, who knows?
  2. blacknmiddlekingdom

    Moving this August to Hangzhou Fuyang

    Same campus(I believe) & company but I'll be at the high school. I visited the campus and the apartments available last weekend. The administration and staff will take care of you. You will pay ¥300 to get to Fuyang from Hangzhou(+/-¥50 -depending on arrival destination)by the taxi or ¥400 by black taxi. You will have go through the process: a group of foreigners being lugged around the city by a staff member setting up bank accounts, mobiles and provincial/city paperwork. Check your documents. Just advice. You are an adult who can make your own decisions but I would not set foot in China without a FEC and Z visa. You will hear,"whygwahren" . Those are fighting words so be ready to box. Overall, you'll be okay, probably.
  3. blacknmiddlekingdom

    New members - the way of forums

    YolandaJ, scroll through the forum. Referring to the New Member Area.
  4. blacknmiddlekingdom

    Banking issues

    Easiest way is to have a local do it for you. Find one you trust i.e. that you work with and can beat up with a stick if they pocket your cash.
  5. blacknmiddlekingdom

    UFO Club

    Haha. Love it, Popcorn Sutton. It reminds me of Daniel Clowes' Eightball comic. Good Stuff.
  6. Hah. I am from the American South. We are the nicest fakest people on the planet so it is always good to, at the minimum, to acknowledge someone and respond to a gesture of hello. I have found that not to be the case here but also when I spent a month in Europe last Summer as well so I can't say the Chinese are worse than Europeans/tourists in that aspect. I have not met many Chinese that I would trust or consider a friend. I have a Scottish friend who was charged 68 yuan for a 45 minute lesson, an American friend who was charged 85 yuan and I was charged 89 yuan. I have no idea why the discrepancy in prices. This was all from the same national. Most offers of lunch or dinner boil down to English lessons. I had one lady tell me that no it was not a job she was trying to get for me but I would be teaching her, her children and her children's classmates for money. Apparently, that is not the definition of a job over here. As far as being black, the number one question is whether I am from Africa or not? I was able to recognize the hanwen for it pretty quick. Haha. I have utilize TanTan for a lot of conversations and have found not to ask them if they understand English which is usually an immediate unmatch or to just assume that if they are over 25 that they are married with at least one kid. You can be asked a bunch of questions but as soon as you ask a few, they tend to clam up or disregard your question. I like it here. You can smoke, spit and shoot snot rockets just about anywhere. You can burp and fart in public with no need to say excuse me. You can cut line as much as you like as long as there is a space. It is a greedy, manipulative and petty society but it is home for the next few years and I enjoy it.
  7. blacknmiddlekingdom

    Chinese poker and mahjong game event

    Is this an ongoing event? I won't be settled in HZ till August.
  8. blacknmiddlekingdom

    American moving to HZ in August

    Greetings, American here who has been in China for the last year. I'm switching jobs and starting a science teaching position in Fuyang. Any thoughts on Fuyang? I am an avid trivia freak and hopefully will find a few people to get a team going if there is still trivia at Wade's. I'm shit at sports but other than that I know a few things. I enjoy poker and board games so I am down for a good night involving either on. I do plan on being in Macau for poker circuit next Jan/Feb. Iooking to continue learning Chinese, so please let me know if there's anyone willing to meet or reasonable price one to one tutor. Are there any steam rooms in HZ? I am not looking for a Khan steam room.