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  1. Amelia Vixen

    A newbie in Hangzhou and China in general.

    I am interested! I am always interested I just have bloody weird work hours haha
  2. Amelia Vixen

    Just arrived in Binjiang

    Anytime Mel, I will hit your inbox. It's pretty great so far! I am loving most of the food and some of the sights here are tremendous!!
  3. Amelia Vixen

    Just arrived in Binjiang

    Hello Mel~! My name is Amelia also from the UK and although I wouldn't describe myself as a foodie, I like good food and I am certainly an explorer. It's good to see you, I hope you like China so far.
  4. Amelia Vixen

    Coming in July

    That's great! Next is the internet and you can get settled haha
  5. Amelia Vixen

    Coming in July

    Hey Rob nice to meet you, hope you are settling in ok!
  6. Amelia Vixen

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    Ah regrettably beishan road is a little far and I will be finishing work late :( but maybe the next time will work out for me ^^
  7. Amelia Vixen

    A newbie in Hangzhou and China in general.

    What time? I unfortunately work Saturdays so I might not be able to make it, but I sure hope I can. Where is it being held?
  8. Amelia Vixen

    Good bread in Hangzhou

    Also you can go to Carreflour on Dingan Road it's a biiiig supermarket that caters to foreigners and it has imported cheese, wine and good bread too! Freshly made baguettes and the like and it's not sweetened.
  9. Amelia Vixen

    Hello all HZ Expats

    Nice to meet you Tjandra, welcome to Hangzhou and China ^^
  10. Amelia Vixen

    A newbie in Hangzhou and China in general.

    That sounds amazing Jule, I will have a look at that. I apologies to everyone for the inactivity, things were happening at home and it got a bit on top of me. All is ok now though.
  11. Amelia Vixen

    A newbie in Hangzhou and China in general.

    Hey Chloe that would be fantastic, please message me so we can chat a bit and sort something ^^
  12. Amelia Vixen

    Banking issues

    I can show them my work contract and passport but I also need a tax certificate which I hope I can get from my boss soon. If I changed it to sterling first it would be easier? What could I do then? Thank you so much to both of you for your replies.
  13. Amelia Vixen

    Banking issues

    Hello there. I am wanting to transfer money to family back in the UK. I tried to use paypal but its having issues and wont let me set one up. I have an ISBC account here in China and am hoping to transfer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be so grateful. Thanks Amelia
  14. Amelia Vixen

    American coming to Hangzhou

    If you need to make friends then please message me, I am also new at a language school and hoping to make friends and connections in the area. Good luck with everything.
  15. Hello my name is Amelia, I am new Hangzhou and to China.I am a British girl from the UK and have formerly lived in Japan. I am not new to living in foreign countries but China is a totally new experience. I knew Japanese but don't know any mandarin at all! I think so far I am finding that the most difficult thing. I have lived in China a month and I teach English. I was in Shanghai for my first week and then settled in Hangzhou and found an apartment. I feel pretty settled now but it would be great to make new friends and find new places and really build a life here. Pleasure to meet you all! I best run off to class now haha.