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  1. YolandaJ

    tonight Fri roof top of Park hyatta

    Park Hyatt is only one block away from me and I'm also a frequent traveller to Hangzhou. Let me know next when you come. Would be nice to have people talk over a glass of wine lol~
  2. Hi All, New to Hangzhou. Well, spending half of the time here anyway (travelling between Beijing&Hangzhou the whole time). Sometimes you do get lonely in a new city and would love to meet new people, hang out or explore the city and surroundings. So if there's any group activities, events, or people who would love to explore the city, welcome to leave a message here. Also, it'd be group if there's wechat groups already for this. I base at Jianggan District but up to go to other areas for sure. Nationality/skin color or whatever doesn't matter at all as long as we could communicate and are like-minded people. Yolanda
  3. YolandaJ

    New members - the way of forums

    lol that's kinda mean... care to share a link of the right place?
  4. YolandaJ

    Free Starbucks Meetup on every Thursday

    Hihihi, is the meet-up still ongoing? New in Hangzhou (well, spending at least half time here anyway) and would love to meet some people, for group activities like hiking around the city, trying out new restaurants etc.. I also see there's a wechat group?