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    Share Office Space

    location, in Hangda Road, with internet no need to have VPN for Gmail, Facebook. :) it's called Servcorp; costwise, need to check with their manager separately. For my office, about 20sqm, 3 person, about 15,000RMB/month.
  2. Greyeyes0409

    Share Office Space

    Hi Lisa, we are currently using service office in Hangzhou, it's a shared office with different separate office rooms, with shared space as coffee minibar, meeting room, and reception desk. let me know if you need more info. Daniel
  3. Hallo Andi, Ich bin Daniel, und ich arbeite jetzt bei einem Deutsche Firma in Hangzhou. Manchmal spreche ich Deutsch mit meine Kollegen aber muss ich die Sprache uebung und verbesseren. Wenn du Chinesisch lernen moechtest, ich hoffe, ich kann dir helfen. Zumindest koennen wir Freunde geworden. Halten mich bemerkt. [please send me private message for contact information] Viele Gruesse, Daniel
  4. Greyeyes0409

    newbie here

    Dear ALL, I am new new new here, you can call me Daniel, from Shaoxing city, been working in Hangzhou in a German fashion label for more than 3 years. Hope that i can make some friends here.
  5. Greyeyes0409

    BUSINESS MAGAZINE - Restaurants, Cafes, Bars?

    Our company has every edition of MORE Hangzhou Magazine delivered for international colleagues to read, and it turely provides exact info you requested.
  6. Photographic studio for rent 130㎡Photographic studio available for rent: equipped with Bowens flash: 2* 1000W, 750W; 2* 500W, Ad umbrella 220, and etc. 1. Fashion photograph: we have models for your selection, and cosmeticians and stylists for your support; besides, we also serve you post editing for specific applications, and catalogue designed for your campaigns. 2. Product photograph: ranges from cosmetics, automobile accessories, hardware products, food and beverage, beddings, household appliances, office suppliers, children’s products etc. 3. Enterprise image advertisement: including photo shooting for enterprise characters, business environment, company events, and promotional images. If you are interested, pls contact me. call me Daniel. Email: dxh0409@163.com Phone: 13777568435 Address: A8 Art Tribe, No. 28 West Bazhangjing Road, Hangzhou 杭州市拱墅区八丈井西路28号