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  1. Potassium

    Nintendo Switch games

    Thanks @CHARLESALPHA. It's not urgent, I've just been downloading the games from eshop when I want a new one, but I prefer having physical copies. I want the English versions though, so hopefully you or somebody else knows of a place that has them in stock. I've seen them on Taobao too, but I just thought surely *somebody* might have at least one brick & mortar store with this stuff in the city. From Canada, btw.
  2. Hello! Is anybody familiar with any local store that sells Nintendo Switch games? I'm in the Shangcheng district, but I imagine I might have to take the metro somewhere for this. I've seen Sony and Microsoft stores for PS4/XB stuff, but nothing from Nintendo. Thanks!
  3. There is a PC cafe right next to the Nanxingqiao metro that will take your passport as valid ID. I don't remember the name, but it's right next to the construction zone by Phoenix Plaza. You should see a 网吧 sign on the fourth floor of the first building NW of the metro.
  4. Potassium

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    I arrived in Hangzhou a few weeks ago and will be looking to start/join a game soon. Most of my experience is as a 5E DM. Send me a PM if you might be interested!