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  1. Tjandra

    New in Hangzhou

    Hi Sandra, I am Alex from Indonesia. Currently in Hangzhou, Xiasha area. I am almost 2 months in Hangzhou. Do you have wechat account? Which area in Hangzhou you are at?
  2. Tjandra

    A newbie in Hangzhou and China in general.

    Hi is the event still on? I am very interested in hanging out with more international people. Thanks
  3. Tjandra

    Hello all HZ Expats

    Hi Tao, Yeah I live in my company dormitory. You wanna hangout sometime? I am free after 6 PM every day :-)
  4. Tjandra

    New in here

    Hi Dima, Name is Alex, I has been in Hanzhou for 3 weeks and still adapting to the lifestyle and heat. Maybe we can explore the city together. I am working here as engineer in manufacturing facility in xiasha. I am from Indonesia and used to live in the States for 6 years.
  5. Tjandra

    Moving to Hangzhou in August

    Hello Sheppardc, My name is Alex and I am also new in Hangzhou (three weeks) I worked in a manufacturing facility in xiasha area. The company used to belong to Korean but now is owned by Japanese. I am an engineer from Indonesian plant and has been living in the States in the past for 6 years. We could explore this city together as I am only familiar around this area. Gimme a howler when u got to Hangzhou. :-)
  6. Tjandra

    Hello all HZ Expats

    LOL, actually there are two Dutch exchange students intern in my company back in Jakarta. They actually pretty cool.. Am living in company dormitory now perhaps will try my luck with apartment next month :-)
  7. Tjandra

    Hello all HZ Expats

    Hello all Hangzhou expats, Name is Tjandra. I am from Indonesia. Here to work as an Engineer in a manufacturing facility. Been living in the States for six years mostly in Northwest and West coast areas. Would like to meet new people from this forum.