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  1. English Teacher from England, 25, Male. Available from the 1st of Feb to the 14th. I'm looking for a pt job between these dates. I have two years experience teaching children and adults in China. Send me a message for more details.
  2. I have experience, I am from Manchester England. Inbox me if you are interested. I will send you my CV.
  3. I'm from Manchester, England. Telf certificate. 1 1/2 years experience, Looking for part time work. 10+ hours weekly. Wechat: elwainhouse
  4. Wainhouse

    Full-time and Intern Game Tester Wanted @Hangzhou

    Hello, I am currently an international student in Hangzhou. I have a huge passion for video games and I am interested in the position.
  5. Hello, I am interested, I have experience in writing and recording. I am from Manchester , England.
  6. Wainhouse


    Hi I am interested, I'm from Manchester, UK. You can add my wechat: Elwainhouse
  7. Hi, I'm a British guy looking for a part time job for September.