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  1. I traveled there over the Mid-Autumn Festival. I would suggest a short weekend trip rather than a day trip. If you take the bus to Huangshan Tunxi (the city, not the mountain itself) at night, you can find relatively cheap accommodations near the train station, from which you can get a bus to the mountain starting around 5:30am I believe. If you start early, you can avoid some of the crowds. The bus to the Geopark takes a little over an hour and costs around 20 yuan. You then have to pay for entry to the park and take another bus to the mountain itself. From there, how long you spend on the mountain is up to you, which direction you choose to hike, whether you choose the cable car, etc. I see that this post is a little old, but hopefully it is helpful for anyone else who has a similar question.
  2. Hello, I am a qualified teacher, currently teaching AP Calculus in Hangzhou. I have experience teaching English as well and have taught to all age groups. I am a native English speaker from the USA. I have two engineering degrees and can teach math, science, or English (Oral, literature, writing, etc.). I am looking to find part-time/tutoring work in the Xihu area. Please message me privately for my contact information and for questions regarding time, cost, subjects, location, or any other questions that you might have. I can send my resume upon request as well. Beat Regards, Tyler
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    And my wechat is tylerberghorst
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    New to Hangzhou

    Hi Everyone, I'm Tyler. I'm from the USA. This is my second year in China but it is my first time in Hangzhou. I taught English in Shijiazhuang last year and will be teaching AP Calculus this year. I'm looking to meet new people, go explore the city, travel around China, improve my Mandarin, and make the most of my time here! Let me know if there is anything fun going on. I look forward to meeting you!