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  1. Sorry man, you've been fucked over
  2. yes

    What you have stumbled across is a limited time only Poppy rant, seems you were too late to the party
  3. best of luck
  4. Rice is nice, but sometimes you feel like noodles.
  5. Lesson #1: Go out in the evening and walk backwards, this literally rolls back the years, risk of injury or death is high however. Next weeks lesson - clapping as you walk
  6. I went to one, they sheepishly asked me where i was from, I said England, they'd never heard of it.
  7. Seriously like 1 woman is enough...
  8. She is technically correct, but as your aware Dingo is more correct, it just comes down to them either them not knowing how to register you with the police, or just as likely they can't be arsed.
  9. This is by far my favourite section of the forum to read though
  10. Why don't you let us know what your beef is?
  11. I don't want to come across like a fool here and suggest the CCP are capable of common sense, but surely its more of a zoning/registration thing because that would make working from home illegal, unless your talking about the registered address of the business, then it would make sense
  12. From what I've heard they don't even accept one from your country (not dissing Ireland, I mean any country that isn't China), and you have to get it done here regardless.
  13. I take back everything i said about this website. DRINK MY CHAMPAGNE!
  14. Paging the saint for his take in 3000 words or less... @sainthood @sainthood @sainthood