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  1. Why don't you let us know what your beef is?
  2. I don't want to come across like a fool here and suggest the CCP are capable of common sense, but surely its more of a zoning/registration thing because that would make working from home illegal, unless your talking about the registered address of the business, then it would make sense
  3. From what I've heard they don't even accept one from your country (not dissing Ireland, I mean any country that isn't China), and you have to get it done here regardless.
  4. I take back everything i said about this website. DRINK MY CHAMPAGNE!
  5. Paging the saint for his take in 3000 words or less... @sainthood @sainthood @sainthood
  6. Feel free to join the fan club
  7. I think San has a good point, well a few good points, especially the 1 PM a day thing, that's ridiculous, and all the [PM for WeChat] bullshit, which you probably can't do if you've already sent one private message that day, maybe its not a good idea to post personal information in public like that, but these people are adults right, so let them do what they want to do.
  8. So it seems the crusade to make this a "safe space" for people by banning regulars like @san5324 has pretty much killed this site, before this happened there was a community here and things were discussed, I used to come online several times a day, but now I rarely visit, It's just "Anybody know where i can buy X", and "Anyone know a gym located right next to my apartment?" to which the OP usually never comes back, presumably because they went outside and saw a couple of gyms on their doorstep... So if any of you aint got my wechat/whatsapp and are feeling fruity (especially my BFF @fionawarner) then [PM for it yo!], otherwise enjoy the tedium that this site has become.
  9. I hear nothing but good things about Coutts
  10. Lol, If it's just a province of China let's go down there tomorrow, but don't forget your passport, that applies to me too, you'll also need to apply for an Entry & Exit permit too, but all this is standard practice when going from one province to another isn't it.
  11. Not to bash apple but they have a history of refusing to acknowledge bugs.
  12. I've always used these guys, it's just easier than doing it by yourself, and they'll have all the latest up-to-date information
  13. I think you're over-thinking emails, they are basically throw-away. Just spew what you need to say and hit send
  14. It's preferable to the incredibly racist first draft at least
  15. lol, casual chatting with a 1 year old