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  1. You talkin' bout D32 Poppy?
  2. Slythe

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    Glad you're ok, people we're just being cautious.
  3. Slythe

    How to block people on Weixin?

    Come on kids, lets all go to Taiwan instead, it's a better country anyway
  4. Slythe

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    ha! Bullshit, maybe 4 or 5 years ago there was a massive heatwave where temperatures got up to 46/47 and stayed there for weeks, not talking "feels like" temperatures either. That explosion was a pure health and safety failure, I know, hard to imagine right? San was right to be suspicious, despite this being Hangzhou Expat it is still "the internet", the OP was nowhere near conclusive that Dana was the Brother, then again maybe I'm expecting too much of a yank to be clear in situations like this. Regardless its good to hear the guy is ok
  5. Slythe

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    Could be legit, could be a doxx attempt on ol' Dana here... Seen that headshot on these forums before but can't remember the username
  6. Slythe

    Motorcycle Advice

    Well, I think it comes from the fact that when you mention motobikes the Chinese would immediately think of a farmer on some shitty one with a bunch of chickens or something, and farmers are poor, therefore motorbikes are the transport method of poor people, we don't want Hangzhou to look poor, so ban motorbikes. I've been looking at getting a bike for a while now, ever since I started noticing the sports bikes with license plates appear at the start of this year. Local popo would be a start, however if they don't know the answer they will make something up inevitably being wrong, best to pick a traffic police station and suck up to them
  7. Slythe

    UFO Club

    Where on the doll did they touch you...
  8. Slythe

    UFO Club

    I cant even
  9. Slythe

    Motorcycle Advice

    Yeah, Motorbikes are legal now within Hangzhou despite what everyone is telling you, however the license quota has already been met for this year so you won't be able to ride legally for a while.
  10. Slythe

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    Sorry man, you've been fucked over
  11. Slythe


    What you have stumbled across is a limited time only Poppy rant, seems you were too late to the party
  12. Slythe

    how to get my money back

    best of luck
  13. Slythe

    wanna tips on dating with western guy

    Rice is nice, but sometimes you feel like noodles.
  14. Slythe

    Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM

    Lesson #1: Go out in the evening and walk backwards, this literally rolls back the years, risk of injury or death is high however. Next weeks lesson - clapping as you walk
  15. Slythe

    North Korean

    I went to one, they sheepishly asked me where i was from, I said England, they'd never heard of it.
  16. Slythe

    Looking for 40+ Asian women

    Seriously like 1 woman is enough...
  17. She is technically correct, but as your aware Dingo is more correct, it just comes down to them either them not knowing how to register you with the police, or just as likely they can't be arsed.
  18. Slythe

    This forum quiet for 6 months!!

    This is by far my favourite section of the forum to read though
  19. Slythe

    Andriy Simonyan

    Why don't you let us know what your beef is?
  20. Slythe

    Holding Your Own ESL Classes

    I don't want to come across like a fool here and suggest the CCP are capable of common sense, but surely its more of a zoning/registration thing because that would make working from home illegal, unless your talking about the registered address of the business, then it would make sense
  21. Slythe


    From what I've heard they don't even accept one from your country (not dissing Ireland, I mean any country that isn't China), and you have to get it done here regardless.
  22. Slythe

    ★★--Super Kinkyy Game for Generous Gentleman---❤❤

    I take back everything i said about this website. DRINK MY CHAMPAGNE!
  23. Slythe

    R.I.P Hangzhou Expat

    So it seems the crusade to make this a "safe space" for people by banning regulars like @san5324 has pretty much killed this site, before this happened there was a community here and things were discussed, I used to come online several times a day, but now I rarely visit, It's just "Anybody know where i can buy X", and "Anyone know a gym located right next to my apartment?" to which the OP usually never comes back, presumably because they went outside and saw a couple of gyms on their doorstep... So if any of you aint got my wechat/whatsapp and are feeling fruity (especially my BFF @fionawarner) then [PM for it yo!], otherwise enjoy the tedium that this site has become.
  24. Slythe

    R.I.P Hangzhou Expat

    Paging the saint for his take in 3000 words or less... @sainthood @sainthood @sainthood