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  1. A nice E-commence company in hangzhou want to recrite a marketer,the graduating student will be ok,the position don't require employees stay in China all the time but need business trips. JD:1. Develop customer resources in Asia Pacific, seek for potential customers. Maintain the customer relationship and fulfill sales tasks. To Handle and settle the tasks for which he/she is responsible independently. 2. Understand and find out the customer's demands and purchasing desires. Introduce the merits and features of products and provide professional consult. 3. Settle the customer's complaints in terms of sales and service. 4. Bring up the instructive proposals from the sales and customers demands. 5. Collect the receivables. 6. Work hard and no limit to travel. 7. good communication on English/Chinese skills. 8. Native Japanese speaker. The salary will be confirmed after interview.. if you have interest please contact me ,my wechat number is shshshen