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    Hi Everyone, My husband and I just moved to Huzhou (about an hour ouside of Hangzhou) just three weeks ago. We're both teaching English conversational courses at Huzhou Vocational and Technical College and plan to stay here for about ten months. We've already had a chance to visit Shanghai and Beijing because of the national holiday last week, and we really enjoyed it! Before we moved here, we were really under the impression that we would be within closer traveling distance to cities like Shanghai and Hangzhou. Huzhou, comparatively, is a fairly small town with seemingly no other foreigners. We get many people staring and pointing at us wherever we go, and we are really starting to wonder if we're the only foreigners in Huzhou. We would love to connect with another outsider who is fluent in English, as the only comfortable conversations we've had these last few weeks (other than with each other) have taken place over Skype with friends from home. Are there any expats living in Huzhou?